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Feats question
Hello Judge, I have a couple of questions. The questions are related to my character but could have ramifications for the rest of the game/characters, too. Feel free to move the thread to another section if it's better suited there.

1) Weapon Finesse feat. Normally, this benefit doesn't apply to longswords or other non-light weapons (unless specifically stated, such as with the Sunsword). Is this still true in our current game?

1a) I ask, because I noticed that I have the Weapon Finesse feat, but, as I now am almost an exclusive user of longswords since fairly early in the game, I may not be gaining much benefit of the feat if it's not being applied. I read around on some forums, reddit, etc. -- sounds like some people do homebrew the application of Weapon Finesse to longswords, but only for elves/half-elves, and/or for certain classes (Blade Singer, Duskblade, etc.); and when doing that, they disallow the use of the Versatile weapon property ... etc.

2) Retraining. If Weapon Finesse isn't used by you for longswords, and thus is something that my characteris not actually benefitting from, would it be possible to redux the feat, using the rules discussed in chapter 8 of the Players' Handbook II? There are a number of good, plain, basic feats for which I could qualify, both now and retroactively. (Blind-Fight, Combat Reflexes, Dash ... stuff like that.)
Sorry for the late reply.
Weapon Finesse does not apply to Longswords or non-light weapons, although there are feats and class features that may allow it. If you wish to retrain weapon finesse for another feat, you may do so.

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