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Buffing Buff Bad@$$e$
Before this uncertain battle with an unknown foe, who may be draconic in origin, we were tasked with casting spells on the party.  Kearse's first spell will be the one spell to convict them all... Mass Conviction, which will give us a moral bonus on all saving throws (+5) for ten  minutes a level.  Buffing spell Numeral 2, Mass Spell Resistance which will give us SR 30 for 18 minutes.  Now I might be wrong on this, since my spell list is on my FG character sheet, but if I have the spell memorized Kearse's third casting should be Shield of Faith; +5 to everyone's AC for 18 minutes.  If that spell is unavailable then Mass Aid it will be.  I am unsure whether those temporary hit points will stack with FOH or "overwrite" them, but the protection from evil elements may still be applicable.

Kearse, you are awesome. I can't do anything nearly so powerful, but I do have the following helps and/or suggestions.

1) Does anyone have any ability to scry, fly, or otherwise suss out this foe from a distance? Having some idea of what we are facing ahead of time would (obviously) be enormously valuable.

2) I was thinking to cast Animalistic Power on Thorfinn (+2 Str, +2 Dex, +2 Con). Alternatively, Thorfinn, if you have an empty Head space (har) I can cast Crown of Might upon you. It gives +2 Str for 18 hours; or you can discharge it to get a spinach-burst of +8 Str for 1 round. Let me know which you prefer.

3) Angha Bodhr likes to shoot things In the Face. Would Cat's Grace help him? It gives +4 Enhancement bonus to Dexterity. If that stacks with whatever else he has going on, let's give him that.

4) Speaking of Angha Bodhr: Are his weapons magical? If not, I could cast Greater Magic Weapon on his arrows. This would make them +4 arrows. If he already has magic bow or arrows, then never mind/skip this spell.

5) Symon, how are you for Constitution/Hit Points? If a Bear's Endurance (+4 Con) would help you, I'll put one of those on you.

6) As we don't seem to know yet what we are dealing with, I will cast See Invisibility upon Bahiyya.

7) More Strength might be useful to Bahiyya, so let's put Bull's Strength on her, please (+4 Str).

8) Kearse, I can't think of anything to cast or give you that you don't already have, but if there's something I can do for him, let me know!

Once we can see what we're dealing with, we'll have a better idea of what to do next (I hope). I mean, the smart plan would be "Ruuuuunnnn!" but, we are who we are, so. Big Grin
@Kearse - The spells have been applied, except for Shield of Faith (which was not memorized). I have Mass Aid applied on the characters instead.

@Bahiyya - We'll have to address bullet points #1, #2, and #8 during the start of the game. Angha Bodhr has a magic bow already, #4 was skipped. The rest of the spells have been cast and applied.
I'm disappointed, I was hoping that Angha would cast "Faces as Big as Barns" spell on us.... Wink


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