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Questions About and From the Farmstead
Thanks so much for the helpful questions and answers! I too have struggled a bit with 5th ed. -- not in terms of min-maxing etc. but more of a sense of -- limitation? blandness? or something. So I understand (I think) the sense of stifling that the original post was trying to express. Sometimes it feels like there's just no THERE, there. You know? A bit hollow or flat. The original post phrased it very well.

What I've been trying to do is observe and understand the philosophy and mindset that 5th ed. is using, and train my brain to think in those terms. It's hard, because I'm an Old One and tend to think in 1st/2nd/3rd ed. modes. I think 5th ed. was crafted to make things as simple and quick as possible, so that people, especially new players and new DMs, could have a character and world up and running in a jiffy, and then get right down to gameplay and roleplay. That's especially handy for new people and/or people who are playing in tournaments/game shops (as opposed to regular weekly games with close friends and a stable campaign, as we do). In those latter aspects, I do think 5th ed. shines, and I've read that D&D gaming has seen a huge Renaissance among all ages, which is great. I'm trying to keep my focus on Erath and on the story and characters, and trying not to fret about some of the other stuff/numbers.

That aside, R. already asked some of my questions. My others are:

a) Did my church specify a delivery date/date range, of this relic? If so, what is it?

b) Some people wanted to tarry at the farmstead. But if my character agreed to deliver the item by X-time, she'll want to do that. Are there dire needs to delay at the farmstead? Like, stuff that's critical and can't wait?

c) If the delivery is time-sensitive but some characters need to stay on the farm, could my character proceed ahead with the delivery? She will do this if no other option is available. Perhaps she could ride with a caravan or hire somebody. And then rendezvous with the party somewhere afterwards.

d) That's cool about the caretakers and I'm happy to pitch in regarding payment, chores, magic, if anything else that will help.

Sorry for any typos. Am doing this on tablet.

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