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  The Slavers Guild - Hubert's Report
Posted by: Ravenblade - 09-15-2023, 12:00 PM - Forum: Erath 5e Background - Replies (1)

As the party settled into their seats at the table, Hubert’s grim expression became apparent to the adventurers. “I’m afraid I have poor news regarding the Chained Wings and the slavers,” he started, “The report of the winter location was a ruse. Thankfully, we got word to you in time.”

Shifting uncomfortably, Hubert continued, “Unfortunately, Bercel sent a number of his people to reconnoiter the fort, and the slavers struck in their absence. Most of us were able to fend off the attacks. However, a number of establishments were sacked, including a Melanian temple and a druidic grove not far from Freehold.”

“Never before have the slavers given such a show of force and brutality… so many taken…” Pausing momentarily to compose himself, Hubert resumed his report, “We’ve known for some time that the Chained Wings were acting as agents of the Slavers Guild. It has now become obvious that the Slave Lords themselves have taken a keen interest in our efforts to undermine their wretched commerce.”

“Please, there’s more!” said Hubert as he waved away the sudden burst of questions and exclamations from the party, “Our mole sent word of a remote island off the coast of Yri that appears to have been long-used by the slavers. They had made a waypoint along their slave route and base some of their operations in an old temple there.”

“Lord Bercel is currently in ongoing engagements with the local lords, but they appear to be cowed by the attacks. The regional Sedarin Magistrate is also too busy quelling unrest in the slum quarter to spare aid, if that is their intent.”

Hubert leaned forward conspiratorially, “Lord Bercel says he has a ship and captain insane enough to make the journey. He asks if you are too.”

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  Anstarre Nights 2: 9th-Level Boogaloo
Posted by: Xura - 07-09-2023, 06:46 PM - Forum: Erath Miscellany - Replies (1)

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, kobolds nipping at your nose ...

It's Gurthos/December and we've hit Level 9 (imagine that). The question is, Now what? Some possible options:

  • Use Herbert's intel to strike at the Chained Wings in the bleak midwinter
  • Figure out what formula is needed by Jolrael's contact; acquire said formula; and take the formula to Jolrael's contact
  • Go back to Freehold and talk to Lord Barcel about his plan to hire a group to strike the Chained Wings' stronghold in Bhell
  • Go back to Freehold and hang loose, chat with Herbert, etc.
  • Head to Solare (one or two people mentioned having business there)
  • Spend a cozy winter in Anstarre relaxing and/or using the month for downtime -- including Blaylocke's quest for a better bow
  • (Insert other options here)

Lay your cards on the table and list your suggestions. All ideas welcome. Smile

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  Anstarre Nights
Posted by: frenzied67 - 06-25-2023, 06:10 PM - Forum: Erath Miscellany - Replies (1)

After delivering Diera to her uncle and aunt, Calen and Badeen Preath, the party wanted to spend a few days doing various things. Also the DM needs a reminder to calculate the experience points the party has earned through this story arch, we seemed to have reached a milemark moment as well as finishing the story arch itself.

Blaylocke Anvilarm stated he wanted to seek a place where bards gather lore, poems, songs, and bad reputations.

Enkili Seeks the bards knowledge on his sword, specifically on this fragment he found: "...with a coin made from stone, a song stolen from dirt, and a knife from under the hills, Malaq wove his most powerful spells into the sword….” The Malaq mentioned is a Djinn. The maker of the Sainted Sword was an Efreet (Haquim) who used materials taken from the elemental plane of earth and fire taken from the elemental plane of fire to forge the weapon. He also wants to poll the party to see if they should include the Preath's in their campaign against the slavers. They may wish to participate in some small way especially since their family has suffered at slaver hands. Enkili will assist anyone wanting to do research.

Anyone else who wants to accomplish things during this downtime, they can post it here.

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  PC's and NPC's Of Yore and Yon
Posted by: frenzied67 - 06-01-2023, 09:50 AM - Forum: Erath Miscellany - Replies (2)

Here are pictures of Inge and her husband Harald.  Inge was Thorfinn's love interest and the mother of Aurora, Thorfinn's daughter. Inge revealed the true paternity of Aurora years after the girls birth.



Everyones favorite merchant in Yri, Takei from Quan

Thorfinn did not spontaneously generate, he had a father.  Thorvald The Mighty!

Here is mighty Thorfinn himself!  Great work John!

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  The Party
Posted by: frenzied67 - 05-29-2023, 01:28 PM - Forum: Erath Miscellany - Replies (1)

Here are the chosen pictures of our adventuring group.
Riardon AKA Rodor
Jolrael Symera
Blaylocke Anvilarm
Leiya Tevorova
Enkili Harbhamit Pesar Al'Madii

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  Things to do and Discuss in The Freehold
Posted by: frenzied67 - 03-05-2023, 08:29 PM - Forum: Erath Miscellany - Replies (4)

We could pose as possible buyers sent by Buskar the Rat to Gaervin Plithy, the dock official.  Enkili hopes that Leiya's mind reading spell/ability will pick up the man's thoughts as he is being questioned, but he does not know the drawbacks/dangers of using Detect Thoughts.  Also, before the questioning Enkili would like to study Gaervin and anyone with him for a few days, sizing them up with his Know Your Enemy ability, learning their Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, AC, Hit Points, total class levels, and number of fighter levels as compared to his.  That will take a total of seven minutes of study on each person involved.  As a matter of reflex, Enkili will also do the same with Lord Bercel and everyone else they may meet.  Enkili is also into going to this Black Lighthouse of Jolrael's.  If the warehouse proves too expensive to acquire, there is also the Inn where everyone had been slaughtered to frame us.  The property value is sure to be... low because of that.

We should invest in some disguise kits and begin a wardrobe.  Enkili does not want to survail Gaervin looking like himself.  We know the Chained Wings has spread our likenesses around and have placed orders to take us out.  Does anyone have illusion magic? 

Since Enkili can't disguise his Mandagan heritage he will play with it.  As part of his disguises he will utilize a shemagh (Arabic head covering), turban 1 (middle eastern), and turban 2 (Hindu style). Of course will need Blaylocke's assistance in creating the other portions of the disguise to alter his features. Disguise kits cost 25 gp.

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  Rodor Lvl 8
Posted by: rimmermac - 03-04-2023, 08:43 PM - Forum: Level-Up Information - No Replies

Pretty straight forward:
Avg HP increase
I get to learn 1 new spell from any school - Alter Self (PHB pg. 211)
And taking a feat instead of an Attribute increase: Healer PHB pg. 167

Rodor shadows Leiya while she performs healing duties. He's decided that, with recent events, it's best to pickup some skills outside of his profession in case he finds himself in an emergency situation without a healer and some of the more... virtuous characters are rubbing off on him.

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  Leiya Level 8
Posted by: Xura - 03-04-2023, 01:50 PM - Forum: Level-Up Information - No Replies

Leiya Tevorova
Level 8

Ability point increase: Wisdom, please. I'm (presumably) becoming wiser (as well as sadder), so let's grab that increase in bonus.

I believe that's the only choice-based thing I have; all else is automatic.

I can take the Average in terms of HP increase.

Leiya will be reporting (via magic or in person) to her religious superiors, as well as to Wellborne and, if needed, to anyone else at Jolrael's Guild (for example, the caretakers at the farmhouse safehold). She'll be reporting the events as well as extolling Jolrael's bravery, and imploring aid to see if he can be recalled somehow to the land of the living.

If there are any local shrines or groups devoted to Quendi, she'll visit them too, and pray in Jolrael's honor. (And also see if those followers know of ways to recall Jolrael.)

If able, she'll continue to try a Sending spell periodically to Miri (the little orphan). Also retroactively -- if Miri's stuffed bunny (can't recall its name without my notes, sorry!) was left behind in the temple after Miri's disappearance, Leiya will have taken the bunny for safekeeping (and periodic weeping).

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  Enkili Level 8
Posted by: frenzied67 - 02-19-2023, 10:42 PM - Forum: Level-Up Information - Replies (2)

Enkili Harbhamit Pesar Al Madii
Class:  Fighter, Battlemaster
Hit Dice: 8.  Taking average h.p.= 6+3=9 (Enkili will gain 16 hp points this level due to increasing his Con score and taking the average hit points for the class)72 hit
    points total.
Proficiency Bonus: remains +3
Features:  Ability Score Increase- Strength +1 (20+5), Constitution +1 (16 +3).

On the little off time between training, Enkili would like to enquire about building a house wagon or trading their existing wagon in for one.  This is just for learning purposes, as he is devoting all his funds for trying to revive Jolrael.

As far as off duty activities, other than asking about house wagons, is researching the Sainted Sword. What is a coin made from stone, where can one find a song stolen from dirt (should ask Blalocke about that one, too), and where is this knife from under the hills?


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  Enkili Level 7
Posted by: frenzied67 - 09-30-2022, 12:06 AM - Forum: Level-Up Information - No Replies

Enkili Harbhamit Pesar Al Madii Level 7 (Enkili Twicecursed)

Hit Points:  = Take average: 6+2
Proficiency Bonus= remains +3

Features: Martial Archetype Feature=  Archetype bonus- 2 maneuvers 5) Trip Attack, when I hit a creature with a weapon attack, I can expend one superiority die to attempt to knock the target down.  I add the superiority die to the attacks damage roll, and if the target is large or smaller, it must make a strength saving throw.  On a failed save I knock the target prone.  6) Menacing Attack, When I hit a creature with a weapon attack, I can expend one superiority die to attempt to frighten the target.  I add the superiority die to the attack’s damage roll, and the target must make a Wisdom Saving Throw.  On a failed save, it is frightened of me until the end of my next turn.

Know Your Enemy (PHB p74)
If you spend at least 1 minute observing or interacting with another creature outside combat, you can learn certain information about its capabilities compared to your own. The DM tells you if the creature is your equal, superior, or inferior in regard to two of the following characteristics of your choice:
    • Strength score
    • Dexterity score
    • Constitution score
    • Armor Class
    • Current hit points
    • Total class levels (if any)
    • Fighter class levels (if any) 
(Knowing your Enemies AC and HP is the best use of this ability!)

+1 superiority dice =  5d8’s +1d6

Question, are we going to get Wolf's wagon and mules?  Were the chest and lockboxes found in Murieb's lair in good enough shape to keep, if so Enkili would like to use them on the wagon?
If not Enkili is going to buy a covered wagon and four draft horses (60gp for wagon and 200gp total for draft horses)
4 sets of blinkers to help keep the horses manageable (4gp)[264gp tot.]
While training Enkili attempted to write letters to the High Harbhamit and his beloved Uncle Mardus, as part of the curse his pens kept breaking until Enkili gave up on writing his family.
6ink pens (12cp) {2 pens survive}
4 bedrolls, spares just in case.  (4gp)
box of 200 caltrops and 20 bags (11gp,20cp)
A grooming kit (5sp)
2 fine locks (100gp)
6 mess kits (12sp)
6 bars of soap (12cp)
50' ball of string (1sp)
6 Weaponblack (6gp)
Composite Longbow (125gp) 1d8 piercing + strength mod.  3#.  Ammunition, 180/720, Heavy, special (add strength to damage rolls but use dex to hit),2handed.
2 quivers and 40 arrows (4gp)
2 locks (20gp)
2 barrels (6gp) [542gp, 2sp, 3cp total]

Enkili would like to give 1 quiver and half his shortbow arrows to Blaylocke, the other quiver and other half of the arrows to Riardon.  He will sell his old shortbow as he will now be using the composite longbow for the forseeable future.  I am assuming Enkili spent an hour grocking with the Sainted Sword the first time they camped Wink

Downtime Activity: Since most of the lore was written long after the facts, Enkili will try to research the Sainted Sword. The Sainted Sword may not be the blade's real monicker since his ancestors disdained the art of reading and writing (with a few exceptions) until after Mahkim took the weapon back. All that is known is suspect since a huge veil of secrecy had been placed on the subject, the only facts are 1) Mahkim gave the sword to the Harbhamits to help defend the people. 2) A High Harbhamit broke the covenant with Mahkim by trying to make himself king using the sword, and the blade was taken back after this usurper had been pulled down.

Enkili Twicecursed is still figuring out what to tell Al'marihm, the poor skull that chose Enkili as his ticket home.  Ticket revoked due to unforseen Efreet connivance.


The Lament of the Twice Cursed
Words shared on the road to Anstarre

“All I have ever wanted since leaving was to return home, to see my much loved Uncle Mardus and his boyfriend Xercesus again.  I wanted to be a part of the grand parties Xercesus throws to force my uncle, the great general, to be social.  Xecesus is easily the premier chef in all of Al Madii.  I would claim that he is one of the best chefs in all Mandagar….  I am having a hard time remembering his face now, and it has not even been a year since my leaving.

“Finding the Sainted Sword was supposed to be the end of my unwanted banishment….  No, the truth is that I was never supposed to be the one to find this blade.  I was never the man of good character that the High Harbhamit and others thought me.  They would have had me stoned in a city square if they had known of my visits to the brothels I used to frequent.  I am sure that this is a trick of Murieb against Mahkim, whom he hates above all others.  My touch upon this blade must be an affront to the god of my people, and a means for that evil efreet to exact revenge on  the Harbhamit clan for being a thorn in his scheming posterior for so many centuries.

“I believe it is fated for me to fail and fall soon.  When that day comes I would have a favor of you.  I know I do not have the right to beg boons, but this is not strictly for me.  The skull of Al’marihm tasked me with delivering his remains to the Sacred Oasis far south of Al Madii in Mandagar.  Could you perform the deed I am no longer able to complete, as this is the second time a curse has stolen choice from my hands?”

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