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Anstarre Nights 2: 9th-Level Boogaloo
Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, kobolds nipping at your nose ...

It's Gurthos/December and we've hit Level 9 (imagine that). The question is, Now what? Some possible options:
  • Use Herbert's intel to strike at the Chained Wings in the bleak midwinter
  • Figure out what formula is needed by Jolrael's contact; acquire said formula; and take the formula to Jolrael's contact
  • Go back to Freehold and talk to Lord Barcel about his plan to hire a group to strike the Chained Wings' stronghold in Bhell
  • Go back to Freehold and hang loose, chat with Herbert, etc.
  • Head to Solare (one or two people mentioned having business there)
  • Spend a cozy winter in Anstarre relaxing and/or using the month for downtime -- including Blaylocke's quest for a better bow
  • (Insert other options here)

Lay your cards on the table and list your suggestions. All ideas welcome. Smile

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Anstarre Nights 2: 9th-Level Boogaloo - by Xura - 07-09-2023, 06:46 PM

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