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Okay something I forgot
The background of one Vassago Virtue

Vassago is a Tiefling that was born to a Noble family that has suffered a curse for some transgression.

Always dealing with the prejudice against his race, he chose to make use of the mystery to sell trinkets as treasure, fake potions, etc.  Thus he was able to at least exist without prosecution most of the time, though usually staying into the shadows to avoid the Limelight.

One evening, after making a rather substantial haul from a besotted traveling nobleman, he noticed he was being followed.  Pausing around a corner, he surprised his tail, a mysterious dark woman wearing a cloak of Raven feathers.  As he began find out why she was following him, he was surprised when she started telling him all about himself.

Calling herself The Raven Queen, she explained she had been seeking those like him for many years.  She had observed him and deemed him a worthy Emissary of her word.  

Thinking he was being duped, he scoffed, but she threw back her robe to reveal a scintillating gown of black writhing over her body like shadows.  She smiled at his reaction, as the shadows moved from her dress to merge with the surrounding dimness of the alley and the light faded momentarily and they were then in a room in the local inn.  Before he could comment, she closed her eyes and chuckled, then opened them to reveal eyes of solid black.  Vassago's, doubts faded as she asked again teasingly if he believed her now.  Realizing the fact she was a powerful being, he  slowly agreed.  With a broader smile, she slid in closer and embraced him to bestow a kiss. 

A surge of power swept through him as the kiss lingered before she disengaged.  A new power flowed through his veins, chilled as ice and searing as lava simultaneously.  After a few moments his senses cleared and looking at his new benefactor he could see her more clearly than ever before. She was a stunning beauty and the mischievous smile she wore made him at ease. 

Her coy tone continued as she told him he was now one of hers, one of the "Shadows Given Form", and that he would do her will, should she ever require it, but as his expression changed she laughed and insisted that such an occurrence would be extremely rare, if ever, as she thrived on the individuality of all her emissaries, like the shadows they were. She told him that the power of the shadows were his to command, though mastery would take time and training.  The shadow power within him had already given him a few gifts and she would bestow more gifts as he grew in power. She stayed with him for the rest of the night, telling him more of the mysteries, including how to manipulate shadows to affect the physical world, before disappearing with the dawn.

Exiting the Inn, Vassago still wondered if it all were a dream.  Was the Raven Queen real?  His first look at his reflection quelled any doubt.  His eyes were as black as hers.  He was no longer the man he was the night previous, much to his delight.

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