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Erath 5e Reboot - Character Options
Attached is a PDF document outlining all current character options, including available playable races, classes, and their restrictions. Although it is comprehensive, there may be potential options that I overlooked with compiling the lists.

If in doubt, be sure to ask.

Also, be sure to check for updates to content and supplementary information on how the options fit into the World of Erath.

Good Gaming!

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.pdf   Player Options Erath v1.pdf (Size: 322.88 KB / Downloads: 85)
A quick heads-up!
I will be updating the Player Options to include available classes for the Dragonborn race based on their origin and background upon coming to Erath.

Until then, please talk to me if you are considering Dragonborn as your character race.
When generating ability scores, please use the VARIANT: CUSTOMIZING ABILITY SCORES option on page 13 of the Player's Handbook:

You have 27 points to spend on your ability scores. The cost of each score is shown on the Ability Score Point Cost table. For example, a score of 14 costs 7 points. Using this method, 15 is the highest ability score you can end up with, before applying racial increases. You can't have a score lower than 8.

Score   Cost
8           0
9           1
10         2
11         3
12         4
13         5
14         7
15         9

Keep in mind that you get an ability score increase at certain levels (depending on class) and your natural ability scores will never increase beyond 20.
For those used to high ability scores and massive bonuses, it may seem like many things are nerfed in fifth edition. I assure you they are not. Things are balanced according to bounded accuracy mechanisms, and small bonuses go a long way in 5e.

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