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The New Races: The Warforged Pt. I
Having consolidated their power within the Sedarin government, the Scarred Hand turned their ambitions to Wizard’s Peak and the secrets held within. Isolated and under siege, the Wizard’s Peak Guild’s acts of desperation would introduce the Warforged to Erath.

The creation of the Warforged was an attempt to bolster the defenses of the Sanctum and the Hall of Worlds within Wizard’s Peak. The initial constructs were powerful but mindless, and proved insufficient against the forces behind the Sedarin military specialists. In an event of mixed luck and exhaustion, the Grand Artificer Dariun Ryel stumbled upon the long-lost secret of creating sentient objects by inadvertently infusing his consciousness into a non-living construct and becoming the first sentient Warforged.

The benefits of being a Warforged became apparent: there was no need for food or drink, nor even breathe, and sleep became unnecessary. Many within the Sanctum volunteered to become Warforged and were infused into ready constructs. To hasten the creation of Warforged, Dariun shared the arcane process with five of his pupils and bound them to oaths of secrecy so it would not fall into the wrong hands.

As they grew in number, the Warforged did much to help turn the tide of the siege. However, unforeseen misfortune would befall the sentient construct as they started to slowly lose the memories of their prior lives, keeping only their base purpose and memory from the point of becoming Warforged.

Part II to follow soon...

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