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Hubert's First Lesson in Arms
"Hubert, I will show you how to breath like a warrior, stand like a warrior, and even walk as a warrior.  I will have you run long distances and lift heavy weights to fill out your body and build within you the fortitude to survive being struck. But, before I ever let you touch any true weapon I would have you answer this. If you are given the power of life and death, Hubert, what would you do with it?" Enkili raises his eyebrow at Hubert his face grave.  Then after a few moments of displaying his seriousness he smiles.  "I was not allowed to practice with weapons until I answered this question and could stand for half an hour in the horse stance.  I was seven, so it took me much of a year before my legs were strong enough, and my answers to this question were the answers of unwise children.  You, you are a man so I give you a week to practice the horse stance until you stand for half of a half hour.  You should try this at least five times a day until your legs are as pillars that bear the temples weight.  Oh, do you have an answer for me now?"


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