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Migrating to Fantasy Grounds Unity
Starting 1/10/2021, we will be using Fantasy Grounds Unity (FGU) for our VTT. I was going to create a tutorial for installing FG Unity, but discovered that it would be reinventing the wheel...

Please download from the official site:

There's an official tutorial video at, and install instructions at

Disregard the license key section of the instructions (since I will be hosting using available guest licenses), and skip to the Windows PC, Mac, or Linux Users instructions (depending on your OS).

When installing Unity, you'll want to install to a separate folder than your previous Fantasy Grounds directory.

For example, instead of the default folder C:\Program Files\SmiteWorks\Fantasy Grounds\, you'd want C:\Program Files\SmiteWorks\Fantasy Grounds Unity\

You'll want to do the same with the path for the data directory because changes caused by FGU may break the files for Fantasy Grounds Classic (FGC)

For example:
\[your user account]\AppData\Roaming\SmiteWorks\Fantasy Grounds Unity\

System Requirements
  • OS: Windows 8+ (64-bit only), macOS 10.13+ (64-bit only), Ubuntu 16.04+ (64-bit only)
  • Memory: 4GB min, 8GB recommended
  • Disk: 2GB-20GB (depending on DLC purchases) - won't take much storage because I will be hosting the content.
  • Graphics: DX10 support, Video memory (2GB min, 4GB recommended)

Please let me know if you have any issues with the installation.

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