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Game Session - 3/31/2024
The plan is to try and work with Fantasy Grounds, but I am not optimistic given the recent issues. I won’t spend too much trouble trying to get things working if we have mapping issues. We will use MapTool as a backup, although I’ll have to manage a lot of things on the backend.

MapTool v 1.14.3 can be downloaded from or the link below.

Please note a couple of things:
  • Please take a look at the ‘Read Me First’ section, then scroll down the page to ‘Assets’ (just after the ‘Contributors’ section).
  • Windows users are encouraged to use the MSI (MapTool-1.14.3.msi).
  • Since RPTools is not a “known software publisher” by Microsoft, you will need to click through the prompts to install MapTool and when starting MapTool for the first time you might be prompted to allow network access.  See the download page for more information.

I will be on an hour before game time (11am) to troubleshoot Fantasy Grounds and (if necessary) help everyone setup MapTool.

Looking forward to seeing everyone Smile

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