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Disease Variant Rules (Under review for 5e)
Taken from "Better Disease Implementation" D&D 3.5e variant rule, found at Thanks Aarnott!

Diseases now come in stages. When a character is hit by an attack that causes disease (or exposed to some disease-producing effect), they must make a Fortitude save or else immediately enter Stage 1 of the disease. Multiple failed saves against a disease-producing attack do not advance the character further in the disease progression (normally). Each disease has different effects described for each of its stages and the effects are cumulative between stages.

Diseases also have a cycle, which is how often the character must make a new Fortitude save to see if they improve or advance further with the disease. These Fortitude saves are taken at the initial disease saving throw DC. A success means the disease does not advance for that cycle. A success by 5 or more means that it improves by 1 Stage. A failure means that the disease advances 1 stage. Bed rest reduces the DC by 2 and a heal check can be substituted for the saving throw in the case of long-term care.

Like the original rules, diseases can be caused by Contact, Ingestion, Inhalation, or Injury. Any disease can be caused by injury if it is carried by a monster, but otherwise, the listed infection type is the only way the disease can spread.

Generally, the base save DC for a disease should be 7 + 1/2 the monster's CR + its Constitution modifier. If the creature does not have a Constitution score, use its Charisma modifier instead.

Addendum for the Erath Campaign:
The updated/new spells listed in the "Better Disease Implementation" D&D 3.5e variant rule do not apply to the Erath campaign; all remain as listed in the core rules.

Each disease may have its own special rules for starting stage, treatment, and conditions.

While disease damage is cumulatively applied for each stage as the infected worsens through a disease's stages, it is not reapplied as he/she improves; disease damage will applied again should the infected worsen to a previous stage after improving.

Aid Another can be used to assist the long-term care provided by a character, but is limited to the number of patients (maximum 6) the Heal check is made for.

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