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Lapis Lazuli According to Enkili
Among the treasure our party found were two lumps of lapis lazuli, Both Leiya Tevorova and Enkili Harbhamit Pesar Al Madii claim to have the origin story of these semi precious stones.  Here is the Mandagan version of the tale, with the Onastian version forthcoming from our young priestess.

This dark blue, gold flecked stone known as lapis lazuli is called the Tears of Ahme in Mandagar.  The tale as I learned it is thus:  Hamaam, who was made pure, in his long span had seven sons in the spring of his life, another seven sons in the summer, and finally seven sons when age began to slow the pure one, though he had no sons at all in his winter century.  Great nations did his children make, and Hamaam rejoiced as Makhim's promise came to be.

Of Hamaam's first seven sons there was one born who did not give onto Makhim and Ahme the devotion they were due.  This one was greedy and spiteful, robbing his brothers and sneering at the gods.  Makhim made for himself a human form and he came to the deserts to challenge this unrighteous son of Hamaam.  Having wrath towards all, this evil son smote Makhim with a weapon rather than listen to words of redemption.  Makhim feigned to fall before the earthly blow, but laid a curse upon the child of his creation to humble and teach him.

Not knowing her husbands plan, Ahme felt the sun falter where she resided in the mountains.  Word reached her that her great husband had been slain by the mortal son of Hamaam, and her anguish was great.  She, who is the best of wives wept, and her tears froze into the stone lapis lazuli and filled her chambers.  She took up her husbands sword, she took up her husbands shield, and she set upon the gates of the underworld to free Makhim from death.  Ahme refused to let her dead husband reside on the other side of the dark gates that lurk beneath the earth.

Makhim, who was watching the painful lessons of his curse upon the dark seventh son of Hamaam, learned of his dearest wife's intent, for all knowledge can be found by he whose bright eye and dim eye both watch all upon Erath.  Rather than let his beloved divine wife face that which lies under Erath, Makhim had to reveal his ruse in order to prevent Ahme her plan from being enacted.

Afterword, Mahkim was forced to directly smite the trespassing seventh son, and the devastation was such that many widows wailed to the heavens.  Ahme, who had just went through her own lamentation felt for these women and children, and she forbade her loving husband from laying them low.  The other sons of Hamaam the pure adopted these women into their own tribes, for their devotion to Makhim's wise laws were strong in the way they lived.  Seeing that the seed of the one they had made were righteous in heart and deed, Ahme bestowed her tears upon the face of the world.  By her word, lapis lazuli should be a mineral that can be used for all things beautiful.  So it is that all the peoples of Erath use lapis lazuli in their statues, in their inlays, in their jewelry, in paint and ink, and in the cosmetics that add allure to a woman's features.




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