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February 6 game chat (aka frying pan/fire)
About February 20, 2022 game

Okay, this is the first time I've ever found a gnome pc/npc heroic.  A creature the size of small game has a mighty high bar to meet to catch my approval, the only saving grace is Lukoss of Selna is a Svirfneblin (how's that you spelling cops?  lol).  Gnomes and Halflings are mobile snacks in my opinion, no better than cattle in most regards.  Nuff Said.

The course of action Enkili would advise is this:  As far as the extraneous corrupt priest/warlock Lareg, we should have a note delivered to the followers of Tazen.  Seeing as we're wanted, I believe most Tazenites would take it as a challenge to hack us apart.  No need for that pesky communication shite.  Urchins make great runners for the right reward, they can deliver the information we have on Lareg without all the thud and blunder we would create.
Questions:  Should we also pass along the Chained Wing hideouts Lukoss is going to deliver too us?  Do any of you think the Tazenites would act on this info, even if only to pass it on to those in charge of The Freehold?

Aside from those questions above, Enkili would suggest that we stake out some of these Chained Wing sites and strike the most vulnerable of those hideouts.  Freeing some slaves into the city will no doubt have those slaves sing our praises to anybody who would listen.  Plus we may discover information that would expose these Chained Wing bastards to decent folk who have the power to act. Ships burning in the harbor may sink with the exonerating evidence we need.

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