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Things to do and Discuss in The Freehold
We could pose as possible buyers sent by Buskar the Rat to Gaervin Plithy, the dock official.  Enkili hopes that Leiya's mind reading spell/ability will pick up the man's thoughts as he is being questioned, but he does not know the drawbacks/dangers of using Detect Thoughts.  Also, before the questioning Enkili would like to study Gaervin and anyone with him for a few days, sizing them up with his Know Your Enemy ability, learning their Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, AC, Hit Points, total class levels, and number of fighter levels as compared to his.  That will take a total of seven minutes of study on each person involved.  As a matter of reflex, Enkili will also do the same with Lord Bercel and everyone else they may meet.  Enkili is also into going to this Black Lighthouse of Jolrael's.  If the warehouse proves too expensive to acquire, there is also the Inn where everyone had been slaughtered to frame us.  The property value is sure to be... low because of that.

We should invest in some disguise kits and begin a wardrobe.  Enkili does not want to survail Gaervin looking like himself.  We know the Chained Wings has spread our likenesses around and have placed orders to take us out.  Does anyone have illusion magic? 

Since Enkili can't disguise his Mandagan heritage he will play with it.  As part of his disguises he will utilize a shemagh (Arabic head covering), turban 1 (middle eastern), and turban 2 (Hindu style). Of course will need Blaylocke's assistance in creating the other portions of the disguise to alter his features. Disguise kits cost 25 gp.

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