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Journey to Half-Mountain
According to Anders, it will take over a month to acclimate to the elevation necessary for the party's expedition. The ascent will be fraught with numerous perils, but can be negotiated with the proper training. His plan is to set up a base camp at the lower altitude of Half-Mountain, which will be incrementally moved as the party trains. Regular ascents and returns will be performed until the party is ready to perform the final legs of the climb.

Anders's mandatory training includes the following:

EXPERT MOUNTAINEERS (Player's Handbook II p.160)
Your team can work together to ascend difficult slopes and sheer surfaces with relative ease.
Training: Constant training with expert climbers has made your team comfortable with ascents and descents.
Task Leader Prerequisite: Climb 8 ranks and Use Rope 8 ranks. (Anders)
Team Member Prerequisite: Climb 1 rank or Use Rope 1 rank.
Benefit: If a team member succeeds on a Climb check, every other team member adjacent to him gains a +2 circumstance bonus on Climb checks made to ascend the same surface. Furthermore, each team member can make an accelerated climb with only a –2 penalty on the Climb check. Finally, a team member can catch a falling comrade by succeeding on a Climb check against the wall’s DC (not against the wall’s DC + 10).

SUPERIOR TEAM EFFORT (Player's Handbook II p.162)
When your team works together on a task... (in this case, mountaineering) everyone on the team does a better than average job of assisting each other’s efforts.
Training: Your team focuses on improving a particular skill (Climb). Each team member watches the task leader and learns a few specific actions that can help her succeed.
Task Leader Prerequisite: 8 ranks in a skill and Skill Focus for the same skill.
Team Member Prerequisite: 1 rank in the skill to which the task leader’s Skill Focus feat applies.
Special: This teamwork benefit applies only to checks made with the skill to which the task leader’s Skill Focus feat applies.
Benefit: Any team member who attempts to aid another member’s check with the relevant skill must make a DC 5 check to succeed rather than a DC 10 check.

The training will take a total of four weeks.

He will also incorporate the following into the training period in order to improve progress and survival on the mountainside:

CAMP ROUTINE (Player's Handbook II p.159)
The regular routine your group has established allows you to set up, watch, and break down camp quickly and efficiently.
Training: To develop a camp routine, the team must establish a regular schedule of tasks and responsibilities for each member. For example, one character might set up the tents while another starts the fire and a third prepares the evening meal. Your team must also set up a routine watch schedule so that everyone knows who goes on watch when, and for how long.
Task Leader Prerequisite: Survival 8 ranks or Self-Sufficient.
Team Member Prerequisite: Survival 1 rank.
Benefit: Your team can set up and break camp with an eye toward defensibility and efficiency. The team member on watch gains a +2 bonus on Spot and Listen checks, and each sleeping team member gains a +4 bonus on Listen checks to hear any sounds within 30 feet.
In the training it calls for a character to have climb 1 or use rope 1, what if neither skill is present?
(04-28-2019, 09:48 PM)frenzied67 Wrote: In the training it calls for a character to have climb 1 or use rope 1, what if neither skill is present?

A character who doesn't meet the requirement does not gain the benefit of the Teamwork bonuses.

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