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Questions About Erath's Current Events
Here is a place to inquire about the recent changes to the world of Erath.


Has the Raven Queen interfered with the establishment of a new Winter Court in Shandeer, or has she moved on to a "greater" calling?

(07-13-2020, 11:07 AM)frenzied67 Wrote: ... Has the Raven Queen interfered with the establishment of a new Winter Court in Shandeer, or has she moved on to a "greater" calling?

She simply abandoned her throne at the winter court of Shandeer. In her madness, the Raven Queen has withdrawn to the Shadowfell where she now rules from the Onyx Citadel.
Unlike D&D 5e canon, the Raven Queen is a new element to the Shadowfell (also known as the Plane of Shadow in Erathian cosmology), but has quickly amassed great power. Over the last 5 years, some in Erath have even started to feel her beckon...
During your exposition on how the Dragonborn made their way to Erath, and the carefully guarded secret behind the crafting of Warforged, you said that Sedaria had been conquered by the Scarred Hand.  Is that nation still under the sway of the Scarred Hand?  Also, would the Scarred Hand even still exist since the basis of their power, Takis Xin, lost his/its dance with a dracolich?

When I stated that the the Scarred hand had complete control of Sedaria, I was referring to the period during the siege of Wizard's Peak. The Dragonborn and Warforged helped to stave off the seige, but not break the Scarred Hand's hold on Sedaria.

When the gods amended the Divine Concordance, in which the blood of the divine and infernal would be revealed, the military of Sedaria turned against the Scarred Hand. Having seen their true nature, the people of Sedaria defeated and drove the Scarred Hand into hiding. Throwing off Sedaria's shackles wasn't immediate; it took almost three years of war to shake the influence of opportunists and the Scarred Hand on Sedaria. During that time, more Warforged were created and fought for Sedaria's freedom.

Currently, Sedaria is still rebuilding itself in the wake of the war, but has recently reestablished its traditional system of government.
I remember Voss, the Heroes Hall, had been changed; its travelling abilities increased in some manner. Bahiyya tried to bequeath the house to... was it Takei? I am wondering what has happened with Voss the last five years, or is that a tale that requires discovering on the part of fans of the former owners of that travelling estate?
The "retired" party still has Voss. It is now based on the outer plane Yhnahd (pronounced ee-nawd). I will be releasing the Cosmology of Erath in the near future.
Bahiyya did indeed visit with Takei and no doubt bequeathed him money, items, or anything else he needed. She did the same for Aurora and Inge; Oleg and his family; and probably others in Erath too, after seeing Dircii safely back to The Glaive's dwarven family.

As the DM says, the house itself had some or all of its "stargate" reset -- crystals now point to other realms instead of to, say, "the field in Bhell" or such, as before. So, once affairs were set in order and everything had been done, Bahiyya dialed the realm where the rest of the party was, the house plonked down there, and she walked out and rejoined the party.

And now the house, with all of its libraries and bathtubs and Voss and such, are there for the party's enjoyment as they fly the friendly planar skies In Search Of... their next adventure.
Does the general Erathian remember the weird twists to space and time that Takis Xin enacted on the world five years ago?  what was their perception of the great and horrible events of those days? I know they remember the wars, threats of wars, and political shenanigans, but some pretty weird magic was inflicted on the world.
They do not.
I know the government of Sedaria is newly reestablished, but this terror attack on an open air theater, and the more affluent citizens of Solare, seems calculated.  I was wondering if any in our party will have heard of similar attacks happening against gatherings of the well-to-do coming from Sedaria or any other nations.


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