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Questions and Requests regarding 5E Character Creation.
Hey guys,

So we reached Lev 10 and I'm thinking about my next level. My character Grynn has the headband of Intellect ( so he has an intelligence score of 19 already

If I take Lev 10 in Cleric, I would get hit points\hit die, some more cleric spells and the Divine Intervention class ability. I'm not seeing much gain here

I could also multiclass into Wizard as well. Yes, I would be starting at Lev 1, I see some useful spells to take (comprehend languages, find familiar, etc) and I don't see any rules regarding differentiating spell slots between two spellcasting classes in the rules. since I already have armor proficiency, I should not have trouble casting wizard spells in armor. I'm looking for some input on which way to go as I keep thinking my perspective on this is missing something. Thoughts?

Neel D
I wrote a whole thing about my opinion of multiclassing, then I dipped my toes into the 5E rules. Discarded all the nonsense I wrote before Wink. Have Irik verify this, he may rule differently. If you have proficiency with the armor type, then it does not interfere with spell casting, is the RAW. The only thing you will sacrifice is the spells you would have gained as a cleric, and you slow yourself down for ability score increases as those are class level dependent. I.E. if you remain a cleric you will raise your ability score at 12th level cleric, if you go the wizard route you have to take four levels before you get an ASI (9 cleric/4 wizard); also, if you only dip your toe into one level of wizard, you wouldn't get an ASI until you reached the equivelent of 13th level (12 cleric/wizard1). Not a huge sacrifice, but one worth knowing about. Page 163 of the player's handbook tells you all about multiclassing. Good thing that Proficiency Bonus's are level dependent and not tied to class.

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