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Enkili's level 3
Class Archetype:  Enkili/ Battle Master
3rd Level-  Hit Dice/ Hit Die Type- / 3 / 1d10+2
Hit Points gained= Hit Point Total ?
Proficiency Bonus=  +2
Features:  Martial Archetype (Battle Master), Student of War- choose an artisan tool set to become proficient in. (Caligrapher's Tools), Combat Superiority: (pg.68) Maneuvers 1) Precision attack, when I make a weapon attack roll against a creature, I can expend one superiority die to add it to the roll.  I can use this maneuver before or after making the attack roll, but before any effects of the attack are applied 2) Feinting attack, I can expend one superiority die and use a bonus action on my turn to feint, choosing one creature within 5 feet of me as my target.  I have advantage on my next attack roll against that creature.  If that attack hits, add the superiority die to the attacks damage roll. 3) Maneuvering Attack, When I hit a creature with a weapon attack, I can expend one superiority die to maneuver one of my comrades into a more advantageous position.  I add the superiority die roll to the weapon attack’s damage, and I choose one friendly creature who can see or hear me.  The creature can use it’s reaction to move up to half its speed without provoking attacks of opportunity from the target of my attack.
Superiority Dice: 4d8's plus 1d6 superiority die due to fighting style retcon.  Maneuver save DC = 8+2(proficiency bonus)+3(strength bonus)=13

Superior Technique gave Enkili the Distracting Attack Maneuver (retcon) as his 1st level fighting style.  Here is the text: Distracting Attack, When I hit a creature with a weapon attack, I can expend one superiority die to distract the creature, giving my allies an opening.  I add the superiority die to the attack’s damage roll.  The next attack roll against the target by an attacker other than me has advantage if the attack is made before the start of my next turn.

Downtime activity:1)Purchase a calligrapher's tool kit, if it is reasonably priced.  (Grrr.  Enkili Harbhamit Pesar Al Madii misses the days when money didn't seem to be an issue).  Price 10gp.  Weight 5#.  Purchase a chest to ride in the wagon, 5gp. 25#.  Purchase a lock for the chest, 10gp. 2#.  Training consumes 20 gold.
2) Research on "Darsta".  What was Darsta, where was Darsta, is our map real?  There are techniques from the calligrapher's tool proficiency that should give my investigations a boost.


If we exchanged all the coin we recovered from the Skulker's lair to gold, the sum would equal 283 gp.  This comes to 47 gp (with one coin left over) each divided among the six of us (fair and equitable), which would cover these purchases.  That is just the coin, we have yet to determine what items to sell or distribute as of yet.  Please chime in, my stout hearted fellows, if I have put the cart before the camel.

P.S.  Enkili would also like his quiver of twenty silvered arrows back from Blaylocke, before that worthy goes.
P.P.S. upon doing research I have learned that the d6 superiority die from Superior Technique fighting style will remain a d6 until Enkili reaches 10th level. The Improved Combat Superiority feature of the Battlemaster is the only way to scale that die up. Until then, Enkili has 4d8 combat superiority die plus a 1d6 superiority die. I have corrected my earlier assumption above.

Blaylocke says you can have your infernal stringed instrument back, and the pointy sticks, too.
(12-22-2020, 08:29 PM)Long John Wrote: Nice!

Blaylocke says you can have your infernal stringed instrument back, and the pointy sticks, too.

Blaylocke strummed that blasted stringed instrument so well that Enkili gifted it to your singing Dwarf, those silver tipped arrows however... well Boscar the Rat is still running free. May need the arrows for the next infestation of lycanthrope that comes about.

If you want, you can consider that bow as incentive to come game with us when your schedule allows. We want you back!

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