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Warforged Artillerist CS (UA Warforged)
Character's Name:  Sawbone
Class and Level:  Artificer (artillerist) 1
Background: Soldier
Player's Name: RLS
Race: Warforged, Envoy (original UA)
Alignment: Lawful Nuetral
Experience Points: 

Strength: 10 modifier:  0
Dexterity: 14 modifier:  +2.  +1race
Constitution: 16 modifier: +3.  +1race
Intelligence: 16 modifier: +3.  +1race
Wisdom: 10 modifier: 0
Charisma:modifier: -1

Saving Throws: Str- 0 |Dex- +2 |*Con- 2+3=+5 |*Int- 2+3=+5 |Wis- 0 |Cha- -1
Armor Class: 13 AC Chain Shirt +2 Dex.Mod. +2 Shield +1 racial= 18 AC
Initiative: +2
Speed: 30

Hit Dice: 1d8+3   
Hit Points:  11
Temporary Hit Points: 
Death Saves- Successes __ __ __/failures __ __ __ 

Personality Traits: 1) War has stolen friends of both flesh and steel from me, why should I give you time when you might die tomorrow?  2) I can create a device to deal with any of life’s situations, just give me a few moments.
Ideals: You do you, I do me; no need to fight about it.
Bonds: Any being who fights at my side deserves my eventual respect, and maybe a gadget that’ll help me test them.
Flaws: Distracted easily, sometimes it lives in it's head when it is supposed to be keeping an eye out.  It's quirk of muttering to itself and working mentally on projects is a sign that Sawbone needs to be returned to the here and now.

Acrobatics: (dex)  +2 
Animal Handling (wis) 0
Arcana (int)  2+3=+5 
Athletics (str) 2+0=+2 
Deception (cha)  -1 
History (int)  +3
Insight (wis)  0       
Intimidation (cha) 2-1=+1 
Investigation (int) 2+3=+5   
Medicine (wis)
Nature (int)  +3       
Perception (wis)  2+0=+2 
Performance (cha)  -1 
Persuasion (cha) -1 
Religion (int)  +3     
Sleight of Hand (dex)  +2 
Stealth (dex)  +2     
Survival (wis)  0 
Passive Perception:  13 

Proficiencies and Languages: +2 Proficiency Bonus.  (race) read, write, and speak Common.
Specialized Design- gain 1 skill Proficiency (Investigation (int)), 1 tool set Proficiency (Woodcarver's tools), and 1 language (Sedaran).  Integrated Tool= I have woodcarver’s tools integrated into my body, I double my proficiency bonus for any ability checks I use with these tools.
(class) Proficient with light armor, medium armor, and shield.  Proficient with simple weapons.  Proficient with thieves tools, tinker’s tools, and armorer’s tools.  Saving Throw Proficiencies= Constitution and Intelligence.  2Skills= Arcana, Perception.  (background) Skills- Athletics, and Intimidation.  Tool Proficiency Healer’s kit ???(instead of game set proficiency) Proficiency with land vehicle (wagon). 

Attacks and Spell casting: 
Weapon-  Attack bonus- Damage, damage type.

Spear- +2- 1d6, Piercing; versatile(1d8), Natatorial, Thrown (20/60)

Copper Pieces: 9
Silver Pieces: 3
Electrum Pieces:
Gold Pieces: 1
Platinum Pieces:
Gems and Jewels:

Item-  Price-  Weight-  Properties-  ||  Item- Price-  Weight-  Properties-

Arcanist Pack- 35gp- 8#- backpack 5#, 5candles 0#, tinderbox 1#, ^scroll case w/arcane diagrams 1#, ^wand 1#, ^and arcana lore book 5#.- |
Shield- 10gp- 6#- +2AC ||
Spear- 1gp- 3#- || Thieves’ Tools- 25gp- 1#- ||
Chain Shirt- 50gp- 20#- ||  ^Smith’s Tools- 20gp- 8#- ||
Smock/Apron- 1gp- 4#- || Chalk- 1cp- _ - ||
Candle Lantern- 2gp- 1#- || 50’ string- 1sp- 1#- ||
Mule- 8gp- self propelled cargo hauler (Items with ^ symbol are on mule- || ^Bit and Bridle- 2gp- 0.5#- ||
^Saddle Bags- 4gp- 8#- || Bottle of Ink- 10gp- - - ||
Parchment x5- 5sp- - - ||

Total cost_150gp__.  Total Weight Carried_42#_.  Carrying Capacity_150#_.  Push/drag_300#_.

Features and Traits: (race) ASI +1constitution.  Warforged Resilience- I have advantage on saving throws against being poisoned, and I have resistance to poison damage* I am immune to disease* I do not need to eat, drink, or breath* I don’t need to sleep and don’t suffer the effects of exhaustion due to lack of rest, and magic can’t put me to sleep.
Sentry’s Rest- When I take a long rest, I must spend at least six hours in an inactive motionless state, rather than sleeping.  In this state, I appear inert, but I am not rendered unconscious, and I can see and hear as normal.
Integrated Protection- (House Rule) Integrated Armor follows Ebberon Rising From the Ashes rules for integrated armor instead of UA rules (all other racial features follow UA guidelines)  +1 to AC.  Armor takes an hour to integrate and I have to be proficient with that armor, doffing that armor also takes an hour.
Subrace= Envoy- ASI= two ability scores of my choice each increase by +1 (Int and Dex)
(Class) HD= 1d8 + con.mod.  Magical Tinkering- (pg 12 TCE) make small items that can((1) snow globe) shed 5’+5’ light*((2) velvet ring box) emits a 6 second long recorded message that can be heard 10’ away* continuously emits a sound*((3) a small hand mirror that has Cora's face) a static visual effect; can indefinitely imbue a number of items equal to my intelligence modifier (3).  Spell casting- Tools Required= Use woodcarver’s tools as spell focus. Cantrips= 2 cantrips from artificer spell list.  Prep and casting of spells= can memorize a number of spells equal to Int. mod. (+3) plus ½ of my artificer level (minimum of 1, round down) (1) (3+1=4 spells.)  Can renew or change spell list after a long rest.  Spell Casting Ability= Intelligence is artificer spell ability.  Spells save DC= 8+ Proficiency bonus (+2) +Int.mod. (+3) 8+2+3=13.  Spell Attack Modifier= Proficiency bonus (+2) + Int.mod. (+3) 2+3=+5 to hit.  Ritual Casting= If I have a spell with the ritual tag memorized, I can cast that as a ritual spell without expending a spell slot (additional 10 minute casting time).
Warforged Quirk= Always muttering to itself and taking notes, seems confused or unhinged while talking about “her”.
(background)- Soldier- specialty = Healer/support staff (Sawbone was designated a special combat medic when they were not sure how to heal Warforged troops.).  Feature is Military rank- Master Sergeant! 

Description: A shallow brow ridge makes it look especially artificial, the glowing blue eyes look large and alien.  Sawbone has a slender build for a Warforged, but is not skinny.  It’s mass is brick red in tone, but the joints and highlights, even the sigils and magic symbols it sports, are bronze in color; somehow Sawbone’s color coordination looks off, the red and bronze clash.  Long creepy fingers seem to always be in motion, with spidery movements.  It may clean itself before resting, but within a few minutes of rising, it is tinkering and getting greasy and dirty.
Age: 5.5 (this model was an early design constructed while the siege was ongoing)
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 280#
Eye Color: Electric Blue
Skin: Red with bronze highlights.
Hair color: No hair
Looks: Sawbone’s oval face lacks so much definition that it seems alien to most living creatures.  It’s eyes dim or brighten to express emotions, but other than opening or closing it’s mouth, Sawbone cannot offer expressive cues as to it’s state of mind.

Infusions Known- 0
Infused items- 0
Spell Casting Class(es): Artificer (artillerist)
Spell Save DC: 8+2+3=13
Spell Attack Bonus:  2+3=+5
Spell Slots- 1st=2
Spell-  pg.- Concentration or ritual ||  Spell- pg.-concentration or ritual ||
(0) Fire Bolt- pg222 PHB- - ||(0) shocking Grasp- pg253 PHB- - ||
(1) Tasha’s Caustic Brew- pg115 TCE- C- ||
(1)Expeditious Retreat- pg218PHB- C- || (1) Detect Magic- pg212PHB- C,R-
(1)Alarm- pg192 PHB- R- ||


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