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5ETool Warning
Irik turned all of us on to the suite of resources called 5ETools, a wonderful collection of rules to manage our D&D characters.  It is such a great font of information that I took to copying and pasting from the tool suite into my home character sheet.  However, though the information seems to be thorough there are some mistakes.  I discovered a discrepancy in one feat so far, where the information was copied from a fighting style in Tasha's Cauldron of Everything rather than the feat in the Player's Handbook.  Fortunately, every bit of information in 5ETools names the resource material and gives the page number in that book.  I recommend you confirm that the wording of the 5ETool information with that of the resource it comes from before copying it down.  I hope this will help prevent confusion in your character features in our adventuring future.
I have verified that the TCE fighting style Roy refers to is correct in 5eTools, but Roy's advice is sound since the core books are the source of record.
Thanks for the heads-up!

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