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Still mulling over an Astral Self Monk build who get to use wisdom in place of strength when they manifest their abilities.  While trying to determine uses for such a character, the idea of disarming an opponent popped up.  I discovered in the Dungeon Master's Guide the rules for disarming an opponent on page 271, under Combat Options.  I was wondering if you would allow this rule into our game as it seems to be optional?  I know the Battlemaster fighter has a maneuver that allows a simplified way to knock items out of foes hands, but no other character seems to have that ability; unless this rule is viable.  As a note, the optional rule says that a disarm is initiated by a weapon attack.  For all intensive purposes the monks unarmed strike is the equivalent of a weapon attack, but is not considered a weapon as far as placing enchantments on your fists; so no Elemental Weapon spells for unarmed strikes.

The Action Options on page 271 of the DMG are available for use. Unarmed strikes are considered 'weapon attacks' although the body parts used (fist, elbow, knee, foot, etc.) are not considered weapons. This means enchantments intended specifically for weapons cannot be used to enchant unarmed strikes.

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