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Enkili Level 5
Character/ Class Archetype: Enkili / Battle Master
5th Level-  Hit Dice/ Hit Die Type- 5 / 1d10+2 take average ( isn't it odd that I consistently roll maximum HP under this honor system? )
Proficiency Bonus=  +3
Features:  Extra attack- 2 a round.

Enkili will choose to take 6 HP(+2 Constitution =8HP) rather than roll.  In the downtime between training sessions, he would like to research the Chained Heart Slavers (Chained Wings). That was a dead end last time, so part of the time Enkili will seek word of a great curved blade, that has seven winged bulls engraved upon it, with full moons between the bulls horns, and pentagrams within each of the moons.  He will seek out private libraries or learned sages on the subjects.

Two attacks a round and a +1 to hit!!!  Beware Erath!

This is an actual picture of the S&W M&P revolver in .38 SPL my CoC character has; I had forgotten that this picture was in my demotivational posters.

Minor correction: the slavers you refer to are known as the Chained Wings

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