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Water Rovers
I have a character concept whose background has him having survival on sea, lake and river.  I was wondering if I could invent a Quantanese clan of water bound nomads who have tie-together boats and rafts?  I envision them as a cultural group who fish and dive for treasures as they bob around the coast, paddle up large rivers, and winter in adjoining lakes.  They are distrusted by the shore people, but their trade is welcome.  During storms they dart their boats up the rivers to get inland as best they can.  In the Japanese language they would call these people Horo-sha Kaiyo (Kaiyo= ocean, Horo-sha= Wanderer and pronounced with long "O" sound).  If you want a Chinese name it would be Jipu sai ren Shui (Jipu Sai Ren= Gypsy, Shui= water).


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