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PC's and NPC's Of Yore and Yon
Here are pictures of Inge and her husband Harald.  Inge was Thorfinn's love interest and the mother of Aurora, Thorfinn's daughter. Inge revealed the true paternity of Aurora years after the girls birth.



Everyones favorite merchant in Yri, Takei from Quan

Thorfinn did not spontaneously generate, he had a father.  Thorvald The Mighty!

Here is mighty Thorfinn himself!  Great work John!
Due to size limits, we have to create a new thread to continue with these images.

Follower of the Sun, Kearse Nofather.  Since I have no talent or patience with AI, this picture was stolen.

Here is Aurora, Thorfinn's daughter, as she is during our current campaign.

These next two pictures are prospective representations of Aurora in a few more years.

For our next campaign, this is the chosen token picture for Johns next character, Aurora the Juggernaut!
Here are some characters and NPC's from before my time.


And just for fun, my own current character on holiday

The Glaive, a Gnoll raised by Dwarves.

Aurora, trained and ready to adventure.
The inimitable rogue, Jansaadi

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