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Anstarre Nights
After delivering Diera to her uncle and aunt, Calen and Badeen Preath, the party wanted to spend a few days doing various things. Also the DM needs a reminder to calculate the experience points the party has earned through this story arch, we seemed to have reached a milemark moment as well as finishing the story arch itself.

Blaylocke Anvilarm stated he wanted to seek a place where bards gather lore, poems, songs, and bad reputations.

Enkili Seeks the bards knowledge on his sword, specifically on this fragment he found: "...with a coin made from stone, a song stolen from dirt, and a knife from under the hills, Malaq wove his most powerful spells into the sword….” The Malaq mentioned is a Djinn. The maker of the Sainted Sword was an Efreet (Haquim) who used materials taken from the elemental plane of earth and fire taken from the elemental plane of fire to forge the weapon. He also wants to poll the party to see if they should include the Preath's in their campaign against the slavers. They may wish to participate in some small way especially since their family has suffered at slaver hands. Enkili will assist anyone wanting to do research.

Anyone else who wants to accomplish things during this downtime, they can post it here.
Aye, Blaylocke will seek out a Bards' Library, failing that, he would search for any other fonts of knowledge that may preside in the city. He will focus on any information concerning the phrase/poem that was posed to him by his comrade.
Blaylocke will also continue his search for any weapon that could improve upon his simple short bow.

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