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To Do, Game Hooks, and Loose Ends...
Personal Hooks


*Break evil Efreet's curse barring him from his homeland
*Return the Skull of Al'marihm to the Sacred Oasis
*Bring the Sainted Sword to Al Madii and restore his family name.


*Discover the secret behind his brand (Tattoo) and reveal his foe. "The Whispers of the Pale Lady," found in the Wizard's Peak Library, may reveal such knowledge
*Seek out magical formula to construct non-detection item. Once successful, Gorvenal Commons will introduce Jolrael to the Artificer to construct the item.


*Someone who knows of his crimes has been arrested on an unrelated matter
*Needs to produce guild dues before defaulting.


*Rescue Miria (and other Rusty Bedpan folk) from the slavers

Party Hooks

Decode the Slaver's Documents:

*Scholar/Sage: Portent - specializes in cryptography, translations, and (personal) interest methods divination. Not a practitioner of magic.
*Eye of Liral (Minor Relic) which is said to grant true sight for the bearer
*Find the Cipher Crystal in Darsta.
*Access the book, "Whispers of the Pale Lady"

Eradicate the Chained Wings and disrupt the Slavers Guild operations:

*Reveal the slave trade routes
*Explore the ruins of Darsta
*Drive out the hags from the Darkwater Lighthouse
*Explore Lyral, the lost temple of Eyah
*Lord Bercel is looking for adventurers willing to inflitrate the Slavers of Nemsh

Loose Ends

*Ethorm Mourgan, father of the slain Baredal Mourgan, had fled to Norack... but has sworn revenge!
Enkili stands by his earlier plan. Try to get into Wizard's Peak so that Jolly can read that book (Whispers from the Pale Lady). After that go to Lyral to retrieve the Eye of Lyral. He trusts that relic would be their best bet to unravel the slavers concealed intentions in those purloined papers, trusts it more than a sage with no magic at all. He would rather avoid the plague and blight in Brandt, and suggests that we race back to Solare to catch ship and sail to Onastia to free Miria.

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