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  Sunday, December 13th 2020
Posted by: Ravenblade - 11-24-2020, 10:06 PM - Forum: Velisia Game Calendar/Sessions - No Replies

I want to thank everyone for their patience with the hiatus we’ve taken from playing. The family and I are settling into our home well.

I’ll be using the final weekend of November to wrap up the moving and cleaning, and time permitting will working on some of our campaign projects.

As you know, Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything has come out and I purchased it in Fantasy Grounds and hardcopy form. After we wrap up our scenario in the Skulker’s Hideout, I would like to discuss some of the options available in the new supplement to see if there are any we collectively want to adopt.

Although the next scheduled game will be Sunday, December 13th at noon, I would like to offer an extra session on Saturday, December 5th for those interested.

Please post a reply or text whether you will be able to participate in either or both sessions.

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  Sunday, December 6th 2020
Posted by: Ravenblade - 11-24-2020, 09:31 PM - Forum: Erath Game Calendar/Sessions - No Replies

I want to thank everyone for their patience with the hiatus we’ve taken from playing. The family and I are settling into our home well.

I’ll be using the final weekend of November to wrap up the moving and cleaning, and time permitting will working on some of our campaign projects.

As you know, Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything has come out and I purchased it in Fantasy Grounds and hardcopy form. After we wrap up our scenario in the Skulker’s Hideout, I would like to discuss some of the options available in the new supplement to see if there are any we collectively want to adopt.

The next scheduled game will be Sunday, December 6th at noon. Please post a reply or text whether you will be able to participate or not.

Please feel free to give suggestions or comments in the thread titled "The Care and Feeding of Your Game Session," located in the House Rules forum. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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  The Care and Feeding of Your Game Session
Posted by: Ravenblade - 11-24-2020, 07:48 PM - Forum: The Judge's Podium - No Replies

Please feel free to give suggestions or comments for improving the flow of our game sessions in this thread.

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  Game Session Recaps
Posted by: frenzied67 - 11-07-2020, 11:56 AM - Forum: Erath 5e Background - Replies (2)

Since abandoning the unsuccessful Journals, I have decided that I would use my gaming notes to provide a highlight reel of our group's adventures.  This may help my fellows remember our place in the game now that we have transitioned to an every other week schedule.  Too my fellow players, please feel free to point out important details that I will, no doubt, leave out.  You guys will have a frame of reference and different focus than I have, and I would love knowing the game through your eyes... and so would the people who check out our forum sight.


Highlights of Episode One
Erath, - Melwid 4-5th, CY1031

Through various means of travel six strangers came to Solare, the capitol of Sedaria.  A human priestess from Onastia, a human guardsman from Errod, a human sorcerer from Endel, plus a Dwarven bard from the same land, and from the south there was a Human soldier from Mandagar, and a subtle Elven male (with nefarious skills) from mysterious Shandeer.  Wolf of Errod knew both Blaylocke the bard, and Jolrael the Endelian sailor before hand, through brief encounters.  Blaylocke had the luck to know Jolly well as he often traveled by ship.  Enkili and Riardon met in Talmain and journeyed together by ship and land to the northern nations.  Only Leiya of Onastia had no constant company in her travels, though she did meet Enkili in Solare’s magnificent library days after she introduced herself to the nunnery of Melwen.

Although they had all come for their own reasons, they all noticed that a public play, “The Lion Of The Ancients” was going to be performed on the 4th day of the month Melwid.  Those actors held a great amount of local renown, so much so that the locals just had to share their excitement with foreigners.  So, again each of them had their own reasons, the six strangers made their way to the show.  Blaylocke, Jolrael, and Leiya came on their own, scoping out their individual places behind the screen of nobles and idle rich.  Wolf was acting as a diplomatic bodyguard, protecting his client as they watched the show.  Rodor the rogue and Enkili circulated through the crowd scoping out marks to be pick pocketed, but the play sucked them in.

As advertised the actors were excellent and had the crowed hooked all the way up to the rising action of the story, where the plots wove together to show the direction the conflict would take.  At that moment, from the stage, a fireball burst out, immolating the actors and the front ranks of the well to do audience.  Wolf was caught in the fire and almost died from the inferno.  Jolrael was burned but shielded by a fat patron of the arts, his first instinct was to rise and bring aid to those who were hurt.  Blaylocke was just outside of the blast zone so avoided harm, he too scrambled to aid the injured.  Leiya was the first to her feet, her healing spells and medicinal skills saved scores of lives.

Riardon, whose child name is Rodor, dove away from the spell attack and saw a red devil creature scuttle away from the play across the roof of a nearby building.  His finger drew Enkili’s gaze.  The Mandagan man was no healer, but chasing down assassins felt like the right thing to do, Riardon was forced to follow when his human friend set off in pursuit.  The Elf tumbled over objects in the alley as Enkili vaulted or plowed through the flotsam to gain ground on a Tiefling male running just ahead of them.

Enkili caught up with the Tiefling and tried to grab and detain the red skinned, tailed miscreant.  The soldier missed his grab, but the man with fiendish ancestry turned and tried to gut the Mandagan with a short sword.  Riardon placed two well aimed arrows in the villain, which gave Enkili a chance to draw Dandân Va Panjay, the giant sword he had inherited from his father, and cut the Tiefling down.  City watch fell upon the two southerners preventing them from looting the dead being.  They were questioned and then sent home… which was the shabby dockside inn, The Rusty Bedpan.

Unbeknownst to each other, Jolrael, Blaylocke and a healed Wolf also were staying at The Rusty Bedpan.  In the morning the six “heroes” found official looking summonses addressed to them.  The address was to a mansion like house of learning.  Inside they were met by a man named Wellborn Huxley, a wizard at the upper end of the hierarchy at Wizard’s Peak.  After exposing that he knew too much about the heroes, Wellborn offered the six the opportunity to do odd jobs for Wizard’s Peak.

They were offered gold, magic, and/or knowledge as the various forms of payment they could receive.  Their first job would pay them 75 gold and a minor potion of healing to discover why the dead in Valgren’s graveyard were so restless; a local catacomb dedicated to the god Gurthen.  They were given the night to think the offer over.  Only Leiya and Enkili did not seem enamored of the monetary reward, she due to the frugality of her faith, he because of his high station in life.  They all returned the next day, though Leiya still expressed doubts as to her suitability for such adventurous endeavors.

Highlights of Episode Two
Erath, - Melwid 6-7th, CY1031

Before Wellborn could congratulate them, much less greet them, Enkili asked if he or Wizard’s Peak had ever heard of a man tall Mandagan great sword that had the symbol of seven winged bulls on it, each bull had a full moon cradled between its horns and each moon a pentagram.  The mage claimed ignorance then introduced them to Groundskeeper Cassyt, an acolyte of Gurthen.  She would be their guide through Valgren’s catacombs.  They made it clear to the heroes that Cassyt would not help them with anything except leading them through the benighted depth of the graveyard.

Through a recently reconstructed mausoleum, they found their way down into the catacombs, the first room they came across held a winch and pulley system that was little more than a dumbwaiter to lower the dead into the lower depths of the catacomb system.  The next room had a bone pit with a narrow ledge that led to another room, Wolf, Enkili, and Riardon used their athletic/acrobatic training to cross the pit, while Blaylocke, Jolly, Leiya and Cassyt remained behind.  The fighting men and rogue found three recently dug up corpses laying in a gnawed upon heap.  When they moved to investigate these corpses three ghouls burst out of the dark and assailed them.

Jolrael, Leiya, and Blaylocke made the treacherous route around the pit and came running.  They added sling stones, spells, and bard song to the arrow fire of Riardon.  Wolf and Enkili plied their swords and managed to not be paralyzed by the undead’s touch. 

Highlights of Episode Three
Erath, - Melwid 7th, CY1031

After seeking loot and secret doors (unsuccessfully), the party skirted the pit of bones and rejoined Cassyt, whom some in the party maligned for not defending their gods turf.  Our heroes next came across a flight of rickety stairs leading down to a landing, then descended around a corner with more worm eaten stairs.  Anchoring each other with rope, they made it down both flights without mishap.  They were greeted by a medium sized statue of a four armed goddess that had insectoid features, an object that did not belong in the catacombs.

Beyond the statue was the catacombs “sun room”, a place that Gurthen’s followers used to kill vampires centuries ago.  There were dead thieves there along with their rope.  Six zombies fast walked into the room and beset the party before they could loot the fallen of their ropes and other gear.  After a desperate fight where Enkili loaned Blaylocke his short bow and arrows, they learned that it took massive amounts of damage to render zombies inert.  They had to rest an hour after this fight in order to tend their wounds and catch their breaths.  The dead robbers had four hemp ropes, one grappling hook, a bag of ball bearings, and two thieves tool kits.  It was determined that the would be robbers were victims of the undead rather than the motive for their rising.

Highlights of Episode four
Erath, - Melwid 7th, CY1031

in a room just South of the “sun room” was an obelisk inscribed with celestial writing, which they could identify but not read.  This room had not been ransacked of corpses as many other places had been.  Down another flight of rickety steps Riardon thought he had detected some form of trap, but drawing upon the Dwarven bard’s native knowledge of stonework, it was determined that two different craftsmen had worked upon the stairs.

After negotiating that set of treacherous steps they found a room where the dead were plastered into the walls as friezes in some form of macabre scenes.  Half way across this chilling room animated skeletons dropped upon them from the ceiling.  Again they were set upon by an even half dozen undead, and prevailed only by taking injury.  Leiya used her healer’s kit upon almost everyone but Cassyt.

Down another flight of steps was a room where bones were stacked along the wall, but upon shelves above those remains were skulls neatly lined up.  In an old script written on the walls the party determined that they could each ask the dead a question.  One by one they made a query and were answered by myriad voices that mostly admitted they did not know.  Enkili found the skull of Al’marihm of the Sacred Oasis who begged him to be returned home.

After receiving mostly disappointing answers to their questions the party moved on.  Riardon had to pick the lock to a side room wherein they found the bones of a dead noble who had a floating crown and other vestiges of great magic to her.  It all turned out to be stage magic and showmanship for a dead woman.  Cassyt locked this shrine of vanity up after we left.  They came across another room where the dead were posed in parodies of living scenes.

Beyond, the group found an intersection to the west while their hallway continued on southward.  Curiosity drew them west.  They found a room with zombies, though one kobold was sighted.  Instead of spilling into the room where the undead could attack them all in great number, they drew the undead into the bent and curved hall where they could outnumber the zombies in attacks.  The zombies resiliency was easier to overcome when the entire party could strike at them with missiles or melee weapons as a pack.  Still the fighters took great damage holding their line, and they begged for a rest when the fight seemed to end.

Highlights of Episode Five
Erath, - Melwid 7th, CY1031

Jolrael, who had noticed that no kobolds had been part of the attack scouted ahead.  He found trouble immediately, even as his friends were trying to figure out the best place to take a break.  The rest of the party learned of his deed when he detonated a spell that caused the wall and ceiling to collapse upon him.  The racket drew the party back down the bottle necked hall into the room where they had met the zombies.

Three Kobolds were ranged around the downed sorcerer, and it was due to the rapid approach of Jolrael’s friends that he not only lived, but was healed enough to rejoined the fight.  Gathering together in a northern entry into that room, the kobolds taunted the heroes and plied their slings.  As the group closed upon the half dog half dragon humanoids a human in fell religious robes burst through the kobolds with a scimitar, when that priest was cut down a fighting man in plate armor entered the room and began to drop the party one by one, his prowess was that great.

Through luck, and some skilled shots from Riardon and Enkili, two kobolds and that doughty fighter were slain.  The remaining kobold and a few other people escaped through a tunnel the kobolds had dug, though they dropped some papers and maps in their haste to escape.  The party gained a map to “Darsta”, which had been the reason they had infiltrated the catacombs.  They also left behind a fancy writing kit, 8 platinum pieces, 20 gold, 10 electrum pieces, and 50 coins of silver in a locked box.  On top of that the kobolds and priest yielded 10 gold crowns more, a healing salve, a tinderbox, a fancy hairbrush, bashed up plate armor, a scimitar and a great sword as loot.  As a bonus from Wellborn, he granted each party member the aforementioned droughts of healing.

Highlights of Episode Six
Erath, - Melwid 16th, CY1031

After training the group came together to share the spoils from solving the undead problem in Valgren’s graveyard.  Then they voted on whether they should remain banded together or not.  The most reluctant member of their crew, Leiya remained only because her Melwenite sisterhood had tasked her with finding out why the symbol of a chain bound winged heart was showing up where many children had gone missing.

Also, the proprietor of the Rusty Bedpan had been marked for death by a band of fifteen ruffians known as The Skulkers.  Borman (the Bedpan’s owner), had asked Blaylocke for their help in keeping him alive.  As they were deciding how best to deal with these situations a note was delivered to Enkili and Riardon.  Evidently the father of the slain Tiefling was upset at them, claiming they had killed an innocent man, and stating that revenge would be had.

Researchers from Wizard’s Peak, from Wellborn Huxley, had discovered that there was a scrying device in the ruins of “Darsta”.  Enkili was told that he would be able to find clues to the whereabouts of his family’s lost heirloom.

Highlights of Episode Seven
Erath, - Melwid 16th, CY1031

Unable to choose a course of action, due to lacking knowledge on any of their immediate choices, they decided that they each need to go on fact finding missions through out Solare.  Leiya poked around regions where her chained heart symbol had shown up, trying to find a lead on the missing children.  A homeless woman filled her in on an old group of slavers who use the chained heart symbol to intimidate whole societies.

Riardon and Blaylocke attempted to contact the underground powers of the city to learn about the chained heart symbol and The Skulkers.  Their efforts turned up little so they approached Wellborn in his scholarly abode.  The representative of Wizard’s Peak, also, could not provide any information on either avenue of research.

Wolf and Enkili sought out the city watch to make their inquiries.  Upset over the Tiefling’s note the Mandagan asked after the investigation into the attack on the play, and found out that the gendarmes had concluded it a shut and done case, Baredal Mourgan (the Tiefling) was the guilty party; as was every Tiefling just for existing.  Playing at being an envoy from Al Madii, Enkili shamed them into putting forth further effort.  He explained that the cities elite had been attacked at the play, and those who lost loved ones would bear powerful grudges if answers were not found.  Wolf found out that The Skulkers could be found in Suther’s Alley; behind the Rusty Bedpan.

Making the assumption that the chained heart symbol and the tales of missing children was the act of slavers, Jolrael decides to investigate the docks.  After many conversations he stumbles across The Torrent, a ship and crew that were the actual slavers Leiya was after.  Or so it seemed.  They watched the Sorcerer as he ambled on his way back to The Rusty Bedpan.

Before the party could assemble and disclose their knowledge, Blaylocke had to perform his brand of music to earn his stay at the Rusty Bedpan.  He and Jolly thrilled the super time crowd.  Before that Enkili had an encounter in Suther’s Alley with a pair of glowing red eyes that vanished before he could close.  When the musical set was done they all tried to speak at once, but as they imparted their news they were disturbed by a scream from the kitchen.  Borman’s daughter, who worked at The Rust Bedpan, had been taken by men sporting tattoos with the chained heart with wings, bound by chains!

Highlights of Episode Eight
Erath, - Melwid 16-17th, CY1031

Learning that the girl had been hustled off down Suther’s Alley they party set off at a charge in the hopes of cutting off the slavers before they made their escape.  At a ‘T’ intersection they were set upon by four Skulker’s and their wererat lieutenant.  They attacked with crossbows from the rooftops, completely surprising the heroes.  After taking a good amount of damage, they all figured out their individual routes up to the roof tops, and took the battle to the Skulkers.  Killing three of the regular Skulkers, and charming another, their boss, Boscar shifted to full rat shape and escaped.

They barely had time to loot the dead before Jolly summoned the watch (who were at The Rusty Bedpan at the time).  They had to answer a series of questions before they were allowed to go after the abducted girl.  Noting signs that the nearby sewer grate was often used (but not that night) they headed for the docks where The Torrent was moored.  In a dark alley overlooking the river, the crew took a short break while arguing how best to get on board that slaver ship.

Highlights of Episode Nine
Erath, - Melwid 17th, CY1031

No consensus could be made concerning their choice of approaching The Torrent, seven crossbow armed sailors stalked her deck and all their choices had big holes.  Finally, Blaylocke started to change into a disguise right in the middle of the trail.  He instructed Enkili and Wolf to act as his guards who were to have custody of Riardon and Jolrael, who were to act as recently purchased slaves.  Leiya was supposed to act as the bards assistant writing the “noble’s” thoughts down as they walked.

Disguised as a disgruntled noble customer who wished to exchange two defective slaves for better owned help, they demanded an immediate exchange from the crew.  The crew let the adventurer’s aboard just to toy with them, but found out that they had bitten off more than they could chew.  The Slaver crew proved a tough nut to crack and it was through Jolly’s magic that they intimidated the survivors to flee their own ship.

Jolrael and Enkili volunteered to remain on deck to raise anchor, remove the gangplank, then threaten the mooring lines.  That left the rest of the party to go below to search for slaves.  The ship proved to have four decks.  Just as the chained and penned children were found, the Torrent's crew returned from the city with reinforcements.  Riardon and Blaylocke raced to free each individual as Wolf searched for keys and information.  Leiya found an oil barrel to use as a weapon even as Enkili and Jolly sawed at the mooring lines of the ship.  The slavers manned little fishing boats moored to the dock to come after The Torrent.

Ushering the children to the top deck took time, and despite heroic efforts from Jolrael and Enkili, the slavers began to swarm up grappling ropes to gain the deck of their own ship.  Using her oil to craft flaming crossbow bolts, Leiya charged up to the deck to shoot one of the boats that held kegs labeled as oil; she missed.  Rodor joined her along the railing as Enkili and Jolrael were being cut to ribbons; the rogues burning arrow flew true.  The keg of oil proved to be something else, that alchemical something exploded taking half the dock and part of the ship with it.  Jolrael was nearly killed in the blast.

With the ship sinking the crew abandoned their attempt to retake The Torrent.  They dove back into the water just as the children made it onto the deck.  Replacing the gangplank the adventurers attempted to herd the kids to safety, but with the sinking vessel going down so rapidly, most of those kids panicked and jumped overboard.  Most of the party crossed over and tossed found ropes to haul the kids out of the water, and Enkili roped the dock so he could swim to the dock carrying children.  Even though most of the kids could not swim every one was nonetheless saved.

Highlights of Episode ten
Erath, - Melwid 17th, CY1031

Guiding the children along, the party noticed several slavers working with the local city watch as they slipped up the trail away from the docks; confirming their suspicions that the guards were in the pay of the slavers.  Being stealthy they remanded most of the kids to the clergy of Melwen, then rested for eight hours.

When the heroes rose mid morning, Riardon found a visitor waiting for him.  This messenger from the criminal underground claimed that they had stomped out the last of the slavers, but the party had to kill the last witnesses to the slavers endeavors; the Skulkers who had been in the Chained Heart’s employ.  Though most of the group disliked the “leave no survivor’s” mandate, they still agreed to enter the sewers to search out the ruffians.  Before they set off on that task they tried to warn the city watch and Wellborn of the corrupt guards along the docks.  The papers recovered from the Torrent were not sufficient to be proof of the guards and a certain magistrates wrong doing.  They were gifted with silvered weapons though, Wizard’s Peak did not like the idea of lycanthropes owning Solare’s drainage system.

After entering the sewers they found a blood trail from the sniper Blaylocke had charmed the night before, that lead them to a stair.  At the bottom of the stair was a west side door, with another west side door up top, the tunnel continued but turned west after both rooms.  Storming the first room resulted in a sprung ambush.  Three Skulkers and a new wererat tried to cut the heroes down with crossbow fire.  The party’s fighters raged through the rank and file with abandon.  Reinforcements came from the back of the room, from a series of tunnels that would prove to connect with the door at the top of the stairs.  One party member recieved a bite from the highly infectious rodent lycanthropes.

The groups violence cowed the new Skulker’s and their lieutenant, they all ran to get help pursued by all but Jolrael and Riardon.  Those two suspected that the Skulkers would use the upstairs door and tunnel to sneak out or flank the heroes, they went to stymie those plans.  After leading the bulk of the party to two other wererat lieutenants, the Skulker’s turned back to engage the party.  Boscar and the last pure human Skulker chose to flee rather than face Riardon and Jolly….


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  The New Races: The Warforged Pt. I
Posted by: Ravenblade - 09-10-2020, 04:44 PM - Forum: Erath 5e Background - No Replies

Having consolidated their power within the Sedarin government, the Scarred Hand turned their ambitions to Wizard’s Peak and the secrets held within. Isolated and under siege, the Wizard’s Peak Guild’s acts of desperation would introduce the Warforged to Erath.

The creation of the Warforged was an attempt to bolster the defenses of the Sanctum and the Hall of Worlds within Wizard’s Peak. The initial constructs were powerful but mindless, and proved insufficient against the forces behind the Sedarin military specialists. In an event of mixed luck and exhaustion, the Grand Artificer Dariun Ryel stumbled upon the long-lost secret of creating sentient objects by inadvertently infusing his consciousness into a non-living construct and becoming the first sentient Warforged.

The benefits of being a Warforged became apparent: there was no need for food or drink, nor even breathe, and sleep became unnecessary. Many within the Sanctum volunteered to become Warforged and were infused into ready constructs. To hasten the creation of Warforged, Dariun shared the arcane process with five of his pupils and bound them to oaths of secrecy so it would not fall into the wrong hands.

As they grew in number, the Warforged did much to help turn the tide of the siege. However, unforeseen misfortune would befall the sentient construct as they started to slowly lose the memories of their prior lives, keeping only their base purpose and memory from the point of becoming Warforged.

Part II to follow soon...

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  The Journal's
Posted by: frenzied67 - 09-02-2020, 09:16 PM - Forum: Off-Topic - No Replies

The game journals have been moved to The Erath Campaign uner the "Erath 5E" section.  This will be under the name "Journal's for Our 5E adventures".  The notes that Enkili writes will seem more like something read from Morte De Arthur, as he will actually gain his writing skills after attaining a certain level in his career path.  Do not despair.


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  Reasonable Character Concepts
Posted by: frenzied67 - 09-01-2020, 03:12 PM - Forum: Off-Topic - No Replies

Dear DM,
I was wondering if I could change my 5E character to a half Warforged half Dragonborn barbarian with a shoulder mounted rotary spring fired 8 shot ballista?  I believe this character would put me on par with my fellow players character concepts and make for a well balanced game....


If you have a funny and completely unbalanced character concept, please post it here, we all need the laugh. Smile

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  Journals for Our 5E Adventures
Posted by: frenzied67 - 08-24-2020, 04:52 PM - Forum: Concordant Opposition - Replies (2)

**Suspended due to lack of readership.

*In Solare Nights I am showing Enkili Harbhamit Pesar Al Madii as he grows. He likes history, but the love of something does not make you an expert in it. His writing style is to start stilted and lacking in expertise, however in his growth he will acquire the skills necessary to improve his level of writing. In game that skill improvement will start with Enkili's new tool set gained when he branches into the class archetype of his third level choice. To my fellow gamers who read this, there will be liberties taken as Enkili imagines the thoughts and feelings of your characters. This may not be even close to accurate. If my/his errors are too egregious please let me know; rewriting for more accuracy is something I am willing to do, this is your story too.

Journal Entry 1
The Theater That Yelled Fire

Melwid 4th 1031, Erath

I intended this for my personal journal, but my thoughts now tell me this is not my tale alone.  Makhim and Ahme would want me to acknowledge that this is now a journal for all of my new friends, and though they do not consider themselves bold as I do, their deeds carve upon the world most boldly.  There is another journal I have that I often wish to consign my friends too, it reads “My Deepest Thoughts”.  No matter the medium, ink, coal, or paint, it drinks the print away and remains blank.  There is much irony in that strange magical book that a Djini gave me when I was just a child.  Though we argue at times, these people who have become a part of myself deserve to have their tale told in a book all their own.

So for My friends Riardon, the Gray Elf from Shandeer, sour eyed Wolf, Leiya Tavorova devotee of the gods, Blaylocke Anvilarm who drums and chants, and Jolrael Symora of the Storm, this book is for all of us.  I am Enkili Harbhamit Pesar Al Madii and it shall be my brush that scribes, this is my gift for all those times their skill and courage pulled me from dire moments.

I shall not describe how I fled Al Madii, making it seem as though I betrayed city and dearest family, that tale is in my personal journal (some of which I may transcribe into these pages in the future, if it seems relevant).  I seek the Sainted Sword that Makhim gave unto my ancestors to defend the people with, the blade that Makhim took away and hid until we atoned for the sin of one ancestor who tried to rule with it.  A secret lost to history but still potent enough that our rivals could topple the whole Harbhamit clan for.  Only my Grandfather, the Harbhamit leader, my beloved uncle, General Mardus, and myself know this secret now, but I have other family who will have me killed because I have left Al Madii; a crime to my people.

I have developed a weakness of character since learning of the Sainted Sword.  I would strike out at my family and fellow citizens for their lack of knowing what I have learned, but that would reveal this secret Harbhamit shame, thus I cope in another way.  At time it comes upon me to slip away and smoke hashish and play with prostitutes, and for a moment forget this ugly secret thing that has upheaved a life that was almost a balm for the loss of my mother and father.  I felt the urge to smoke and accept the touch of a woman as I entered Talmain, and in Three Borders I found a brothel that serviced Humans and carried the flower of hemp and milk of poppy extract.

In my purse and saddle I had carried seven great bags of gold and silver, two thousand coins.  When I woke I found that a thief or thieves had taken all but a few of my coins.  I faced debtors prison so I sold away my silk clothing, my battle trained horse, and the trappings and furnishings that were for my horse.  Destitute and afoot I sought to leave Three Borders not knowing what I would do for coin to further my quest.  An Elven man who claimed the name Rodor came upon me and wished to travel the same path as I, he even offered to help pay for some food and lodging if I agreed to his company.  I was in no position to drive him away, nor did I wish to as his company was more than acceptable; and not just for the offer of assistance.

Through the days that we traveled together, I noticed that Rodor was very facile with fibs and lies; a trait most Gray Elves are notoriously bad at.  This did not anger me, I was fascinated by this glib talent of his, but I wore him down by stating the truth at all times.  He did not start trusting me with real insights into himself until I admitted that I was wanted by my people and that I fled the blades of killers who were supposed to silence me forevermore.  I discovered that his “grown up” name was Riardon and that he was wanted in Shandeer.  He was fleeing the law of his people, which he claims is unjust.  I do not know enough of Shandeer to gainsay Riardon on these laws, and his proven friendship means that I will never pry or question his word upon this.

In the towns and villages we came upon we each gained coin in our own way.  Though the more north I travel, the more I have had to deal with kubb as a team game, these northern people do not like one on one kubb games.  Thus I have had to resort to asking Riardon’s help in gambling upon this outdoor game (his accuracy with tossing rods is greater than my own, though I only rarely miss).  In return I help Rodor acquire funds his way.  Riardon liberates money from those who are not astute enough to protect their belongings in a significant way.  I aid him in this by playing the easily noticed oaf plowing through the crowd or in some other back up capacity.  We have developed a small repertoire of plans that allow him to pilfer in relative safety, though I often must prove that I carry no stolen funds on my person to those who enforce the law.

That is how Riardon and I made it all the way across Talmain and onboard the first of several ships. Along the way we began to meet a few interesting fellow travelers, such as the sailor Jolrael Symara who turned out to be much more than a man of the waters.  We shared drinks with a Dwarven jongleur named Blaylocke Anvilarm on another ship.  These two stood out to us for some reason, and we reasoned that they shared more than a wandering spirit with us.  In waters where many pirates preyed upon vessels such as ours, we met another spirit close to our own.  Though this man, Wolf, was more standoffish than the sailor and bard, he lodged himself into my memory.

In Talmain, Riardon had mentioned the grand library of Solare, Sedaria.  He had claimed that I may find information on the Sainted Sword there as it was possibly the greatest repository of history and lore in the known world.  Thus I wished to go into Sedaria and see this great and grand center of knowledge, and I was blessed to find Rodor more than willing to accompany me.  Our journey of convenience had truly become a friendship where traveling with each other was a bountiful endeavor.  So in the port of Sulport we left the heaving sea behind and began to make our way inland following a great river.  I was in as much awe of this river as I had been with the sea, in Mandagar a river dries up as soon as it leaves the shadow of the Dragonspine Mountians; it does not run for days nor for hundreds of miles; I found this long flow of water unnatural and more beautiful than most maidens in gowns of flowery color.

As we followed this great river inland we began to notice those men we had met upon the sea, Blaylocke, Jolrael, and Wolf at odd intervals.  They too were moving inland, though we rarely actually met to talk.  I find Solare to be huge, a city that could swallow Al Madii a dozen times or more.  Though we arrived with just enough money to pay our way for a few days, I immediately sought entry into the library.  They spent a few days pondering my petition, even though I spoke as a historian speaks when I asked admittance.  In that time (from the 1st and 2nd of Melwid) Riardon and I played kubb and conducted other activities to fatten our purses.  This was a wise thing to do, for on the 3rd day of the month they let me into the library and I spent all my waking moments there.

I gleaned some basic local history but made no headway on the Sainted Sword I seek.  I did see a very beautiful woman each day at the library, and I thought to flirt with her.  When I drew close I could see the sadness of someone who has a too recent loss upon their heart, then I noticed that she kept the symbol of her god on her person and not in the manner of one seeking a deities solace.  I was disappointed that I could not express an interest, but grateful at the same time that I had not made a fool of myself and put this woman priestess in an awkward position.  Her Name is Leiya Tavorova from Onastia a far northern land, and she has been nothing but kind to me.  I now feel as though I have a sister to look after and who looks after me in her own patient way (but that is a relationship that has been growing since the terror attack where we officially met).

Ever since our arrival, we had noticed all these bills posted on fences, on information boards, back alley walls, and upon the lips of pedestrians of all classes advertising a play called  “Lion of the Ancients”.  Not only did the description of this play excite Riardon and myself, it sounded exactly like a play that could have been written in my land, which is a place that I do miss.  So on the 4th, I left the library early and met my Shandeeran friend.  Riardon expressed an interest in casing some of the more affluent audience members, so I started to play the clumsy oaf and began bumping people and being vociferous and obvious.  I think we both got caught up in the play though, not much thieving was done that I could tell.

At an ascending moment in the play, at a point of highest drama, a burst of fire erupted on the stage that killed the players and many of the richest audience members who sat up front.  I shied away, shielding myself from the heat, but Riardon rolled back and spotted a devil man fleeing across the roof to our south east.  I remember the cries of the injured, they burned me more than the fire had, and I knew the right thing for me to do was try to intercept the killer.  I am not a healer, I am a soldier and the son of men and women who preach a duty to those who cannot protect themselves.

I chased after the red skinned, flange tailed, assassin with his yellow eyes cast over his shoulders.  For some reason Riardon followed me into the alleyways which we raced, he tumbled and rolled where I vaulted and leaped and we gained on the killer.  I thought that was very brave of Rodor, for he is not wise to the ways of heavy armor and combat with great weapons, but he came with me and plied his bow with great skill.  We ran down the Tiefling though Riardon tried to feather him with an arrow before I closed into tackling range.  That creature, who turned on me with a short sword when I failed to grab him was about to stick me in my bowels.  Before I was skewered (a just desert for me for not wearing my armor), my friend’s second arrow sank deep into the devil man’s shoulder; throwing that one off stride.  This gave me an opening to strike with my father’s Mandagan greatsword, Dandân Va Panje.

My father had always said that his blade was the ‘whole beast’, that is why you get both the teeth and the claws when you attack with it; a great curved blade and 'S' shaped hilt.  Dandân Va Panje (pronounced dan*done vah pan*jay) means ‘tooth and claw’ in my peoples tongue.  My father’s sword cut deep and ended the Tiefling’s threat.  My intent had been to capture the creature, but I had no choices to do so when it… pardon, when he pulled his blade.  Taking this life did bind me to this sword in the old traditional way; I can now call Dandân Va Panje my sword that came from my father, rather than my father’s sword that I carry.  I am proud to have this four and a half foot blade and its eighteen inch hilt and pommel, it is the greatest of my possession (although it is being worn by much recent use, I may have to commission another blade to fit this furniture soon).

I intended to strip the body of valuables as my mother taught me (I do come from a harsh land that will kill lesser people and we do need every resource we find), but the city watch descended on us demanding that we disarm.  Wisely I noticed Riardon dropping his weapons even as I did so.  We answered questions and then were released.  We woke in the Rusty Bedpan Inn to find official summons addressed to us calling us to attend.  Rodor and I both thought these were official papers that came from the city magistrates or government officials of Sedaria.  We arrived at a house of scholars and saw many people there that we have had brief contact with before.

Wolf was there and we found out that he had almost been killed by the assassins fire.  Lovely Leiya had also been called because she had healed many of those hurt, Blalocke the musician, and “Jolly” Jolrael had also received these summons for aiding the stricken though they were not chiurgeons.  We were led through a house full of books, and I think some drool must have escaped my lips.  In a drawing room of some sort alien to me, we took seats and waited.  Before long a self important northerner strode in with a rich leather coat and started trying to overawe us by stating they knew things about us.  He was no magistrate nor lord, so this treatment made my ire rise, but before I could vent my spleen on this little puff of a man, he admitted he was from Wizard’s Peak.  Even my people half a world away know of Wizard’s Peak, so I sat down and payed attention.

Wellborne Huxleigh, who may be the number two wizard in charge of the Peak, claimed they needed a skilled team of people to take care of dangerous tasks.  His words were “I wished to greet and thank you, but also to seek gainful use for your talents”.  I was not enamored of that phraseology, but accepted that he was not trying to become our agent to skim off the top of what we took.  Wizard’s Peak is seeking to replenish the things it lost in the savage war of five years ago, the same battle that some countries still fight.  Our first job was to quell the undead in a local graveyard.  Our pay was to be a piddling 75 gold pieces, a small sum that all but I jumped at, I had to remember how much I lost and how little I had left before I agreed to this dangerous task.  I had always had much more money to draw upon at home; even when I thought we were poor for most of my childhood.

If it was all about the money then I would care very little about this job, but I think Huxleigh said the graveyard is in the city.  That means that people are not safe.  However, this also means the local graveyard will have been observed, and witnesses may help identify the nature of that which stirs so restless.  Scouting out the quality and quantity of our enemy is an idea I had to advance to those I now work with.  Wellborne also intimated that other than coin we may seek favors or knowledge in payment, and against protocol I blurted out a question about the Sainted Sword.  I did well not to mention what my request was about (A secret that I believe in my heart does not show the gods our penitence) but my question was met by a turned shoulder and silence.

Entry II
The Catacombs of Valgen's Unruly Tenants

Melwid 5th 1031, Erath

Wellborne Huxleigh did not recognize my description of the Sainted Sword, but then he was being hounded by the questions of all these familiar strangers.  We did manage to procure a 25 gold piece discretionary fund.  Leiya Tavrova dipped into that fund to buy an extra healers pack for me to carry.  Now I can help any of us that fall in combat but do not perish outright.  Again I am getting ahead of myself.  We made the purchase the next day, but we separated that night to “think about the offer”.  When Wellborne left, Leiya had to seek the Melwenite priests she stayed with for permission to go, and Wolf had to make arrangements for the person he had been body guarding.

Riardon and I tried to scout the graveyard, but the gates were locked and the natives had heard only very vague rumors or old lore from ages past.  Evidently this Valgren graveyard had been overrun by undead for over a hundred years.  This was stopped not that long ago, but recently the dead have become restless again. We reconvened the next day at the same house/school we had met at the day before.  This time Wellborne arrived with a priestess of Gurthen named Cassyt, a junior groundskeeper.  Cassyt claimed that one Brother Rasoran had gone missing, he had been another groundskeeper.  Sister Bethel had disappeared during catacomb maintenance, 12 days ago they found her chewed up remains.

Sister Cassyt agreed to be our guide to and through the catacombs, though it became clear that she would not raise a hand to help clear out the undead.  We found Valgen to be very well maintained park like area in the midst of a poor section of Solare.  The mausoleum to the catacombs looked like a recently constructed building, as compared to the stairs down, it had no doors just open archways.  On the first landing we came to heading to the southeast we found a room where they lowered the dead to the vaults below, a dumbwaiter for the deceased.  I noted the block and tackle the lift used and told the others to mark the location in their minds in case we may need the rope and pulleys below.  Leiya cast a light spell upon her shield and the spike of my khula khud... uh helmet.  Past that room we found a stair that descended for two levels, but a door west was inset into the wall one flight down.

Beyond this door was a short hallway into an ossuary, which was little more than a pit full of humanoid bones.  One foot wide ledges skirted this pit to a continuation of the hall beyond.  Wolf, Riardon, Blaylocke, and I easily skirted around the pit, but Leiya, Jolrael, and the useless Cassyt remained behind.  The hall bent south into something that was like a crematorium.  Soot covered everything except a small pile of some chewed upon corpses.  Wolf and I advanced on these gnawed bodies so I could investigate the wounds to determine what had been mauling them.  I never had a chance to kneel down to make my examinations.

Three creatures that were dead bodies twisted out of true by some malevolent magic charged upon us with long tongues wagging.  Wolf had stepped five feet beyond me and all three surrounded and hounded the poor Human man.  Riardan tried to shoot one as they loped at Wolf, Blaylocke began beating a drum.  At first I thought this was a useless thing for the Dwarf to do, but the music buoyed my spirits and gave me a strange confidence.  Instinctively Wolf lashed out with his blade, but I could tell that he regretted that action when he lost his chance to draw back a little; his attack missed and he remained encircled.

I think I heard Jolly racing towards us, but could not take the time to wait for him.  I stepped around the closest ghoul (that is what we discovered these things to be) putting it between Wolf and myself.  Dandân Va Panje bit deeply into the creature doing much damage that limited its abilities.  At that point I believe I heard Leiya calling to us, promising that she was speeding our way.  Rodor sped another arrow, sinking his shaft deep into a ghoul but not doing enough damage to drop it.  Then the ghouls clawed at Wolf and myself, their dirty fingers sliding off our armor; I later learned their touch can paralyze most creatures including Humans.

A sling bullet hummed between Wolf and myself, striking the twisted figure I had mauled with the sword that had been my father’s.  With a horrible exhalation the monster fell dead.  After seeing Blaylocke’s music lift my fellow fighter, Wolf chopped deeply into one of the two remaining ghouls but did not slay it.  I darted in, and blocked our archers aim at the monsters inadvertently, in order to strike the same monster Wolf had injured.  My thought was to take the beast out of the fray, but it did not die.  I suddenly found Leiya at our backs looking both fierce and scared.  Riardon and Jolrael still managed to fire between Wolf and myself to further injure the two remaining ghouls.  Again a creature clawed at me and fortune continued to smile on our party, neither of us fighters were struck by the vile claws of the tongue dangling monstrosities.

With a shout, Wolf struck his foe down which gave me the opportunity I had been seeking since flanking the first creature.  Protecting myself with Dandân Va Panje I skirted around the last ghoul until it was pinned between us Human’s.  Then I let the Bards music guide my strike.  I hewed the ghoul aside as though it were a man of straw.  There was no loot for Riardon and I to find.  Wolf and Blaylocke sought hidden doors but found none.  So we marched back to where Cassyt had waited at the stairs.  Some of us teased the  useless Gurthenite, maligning her courage for not defending her catacombs with us.


Solare Nights 3
Stairs of Dubious Stability
Erath 1031, Melwid the 5th

The next set of stairs down we came to were in a terrible state of disrepair.  Warped wood, worm eaten boards, and missing planks met our gaze.  Borrowing a rope from Riardon, I tied it to myself the climbed down the rickety flight; there I acted as an anchor so that the others could climb down.  Though it creaked and swayed, we all made it to the next flight of stairs down.  These stairs were worse.  I set myself as top anchor this time while the other preceded me down.  As the last down the bad steps swayed alarmingly, but my foot placement was true, and I felt like dancing when I joined my friends.  Blaylocke Anvilarm pointed out how rotten the stonework was, the walls were not strong.

We had all seen the statue from up top, but up close it proved most disturbing.  I think it was a four armed goddess with insectoid features.  One hand was empty, one had a scroll, another a quill, and the last a skull.  Cassyt  had never seen such a thing before, that told me that this was a foreign object (human tall) that someone of something had placed in Gurthen’s catacombs.  Beyond the statue was a door that led to the “Sun Room”, a place where Cassyt’s predecessors chained up vampires to await the morning.  Sixty feet up I see a gap in the grating where the sun would peer down, at our feet a fifty foot rope and grappling hook.  Before I could move the sound of a bare foot stepping came to my ears.

I started sounding a warning before the first zombie fast-shuffled into view.  Though I had intended to meet them at a choke point where the “sun” room’s northern gate stood, they crowded in alarmingly fast.  There was a lever that someone could have triggered to separate the zombie pack, but they swarmed through and were upon us very quickly.  I believe Jolrael illuminated our back trail so that we could not be surprised in a pincer move, he had Cassyt watch that lighted bullet.  Blaylocke drew his longsword then performed some magic where he appeared to make a demand of the undead; he looked frustrated when the zombies ignored him.  Riardon, who was directly on my right grabbed a zombie and… and lightening leaped from his fingers and into the undead creature; he retreated from the front line them.

Wolf steps into the gap my Elven friend left and chops violently into the shambling dead thing, surprisingly the zombie remained upon its feet.  Dandân Va Panjay danced in my hands and delivered as deep of a cut as I have ever seen, but the vacant eyed dead cared not at all.  From behind us, Blaylocke Anvilarm makes his demands of the dead again with the same result.  Like Riardon, Leiya and Jolrael snipe at the zombies from behind us; Leiya Tavrova also uses a magic that blunts the zombies attack upon my person, she altered a strike that would have hit me in the head so that my breast was struck instead.  Still, both Wolf and I took injury from the zombies before us; through my pain I see the former watchman rally himself and strike his foe through his pain.  I too grit my teeth and strike out, lopping my foe in two after setting the pain aside in a compartment I then ignored.

Jolrael then ran between Wolf and myself, his eyes throwing sparks and his hair whipping about in winds no one else felt.  He unleashed a furious bit of magic that threw him back ten feet but also boomed like thunder.  The zombies seemed to take some damage from the magic, but so did the walls which collapsed upon us.  My friends and I had to dodge large blocks of stone that would have pulverized us, one of the zombies was crushed.  Not the creature before Wolf, he had struck it savagely many times, Riardon, Jolrael, and Leiya all had peppered it with bolts, arrows and bullets… and still it refused to fall.

I finally notice that Blaylocke, though willing to help, did not have a ranged weapon, so I slipped my bow to him but suffered a minor hit from the foe who staggered to the fore.  I dealt another terrific blow with Dandân Va Panje but failed to drop my undead foe; though Wolf and another flurry of missiles finally strike that one tenacious zombie low plus one other.  Though I was about to strike the last zombie, Wolf lunged over his dead foe and struck true, ending the last zombie with his straight bladed greatsword.

Felling six zombies felt good in and of itself but we found three dead grave robbers who had a total of 4 hemp ropes of fifty foot lengths, one of which had a grapnel hook (I claimed that rope and grapnel as my own, because it saved me from buying it myself, though I pondered selling the hemp rope and get something lighter).  Other than the ropes we also found two kits with picks, rods, and files; those things that robbers and rogues use to break in and burgle with (Blaylocke and Riardon split those tools up).  Also there was a bag of little round steel balls that is used to help people escape pursuers, I guess the bag is emptied behind you so that it makes the footing treacherous to followers.  The last item is a flask of almost empty whiskey.  I would like to claim the flask when it is emptied, but I may have to be happy with my rope and grapnel, my friends are as I in our need for more and better equipment.

After two fights and moving passed those tricky stairs I was feeling a bit winded.  I may have mentioned taking a rest, but my friends stampeded in with hearty agreements.  So we rested, and in that time we came to the conclusion that the thieves were not responsible for stirring up the undead; they have not been dead that long.  They broke in and found the dead they sought to steal from ready for them.  That means we have to finish exploring the level we are on, and possibly go down that other stairwell to deeper chambers….


Solare Nights 4
A Skull's Ticket Home
Erath 1031, Melwid 5th

As we rested it came to me that the catacombs were growing ever more dilapidated the deeper we delved, then I remembered the block and tackle lift up above; the dumbwaiter for the dead.  But I dithered as we spent our hour resting; by the time Leiya Tevorova finished administering her healing kit, my bruises looked a faded yellow as though many days had passed.  No one wanted to hear my idea of lowering the dumbwaiter, but the next steps we crossed were not as deteriorated as the ones we had passed.

In the room to the south we found an obelisk with celestial writing upon it.  This room, unlike many others did not look as though ransacked or looted for cadavers, and though we could not read the stone we thought that the heavenly writing may hold evil at bay.  We then went west then north down some stairs that were strong and sturdy.  Near the bottom of the steps Riardon thought he found a trap, but it just turned out that the work of one mason was taken over by another; his senses were so sharp that he could tell the work apart.  In a chamber north of this stair we found a room where the bones of the dead were plastered into the wall and ceiling, almost like decorations.

Across this room we saw some sturdy stairs heading south, but as we crossed the room, skeletons, animated by malice and magic, dropped from the ceiling to beset us.  A total of six dropped, but the initial drop brought us only three of them.  Jolrael hits one with a magic lightening whip that he produced from nowhere.  Blaylocke cracked some ribs with an arrow from the bow I lent him.  One of the three attacked Cassyt who zipped away with great cowardice, then another skeleton attacked me.  I dodged then scattered its bones with one great stroke of Dandân Va Panje, my sword that my father once carried; I then rushed over to help Rodor and get hit for my effort.  Leiya rushes up with her mace and missed the dead bones Jolly had zapped.

More Skeletons drop from the ceiling.  One of the new ones shoots Jolrael, but only grazed the sorcerer.  Jolly stomps his foot and his magic tosses 2 skeletons about but does not kill them.  Blaylocke got surround by two skeletons and has to resort to his longsword, one of skeelton rushed him and the other was tossed to him by Jolrael’s magic stamping.  Riardon and I damage the Zombie after I maneuvered to flank the animated mass of hate.  Wolf and Leiya surround one of the two skeletons harassing Blaylocke.  Another skeleton drops behind Rodor and fortunately misses its strike.  Another drops between Leiya and Cassyt and also misses its attack upon Leiya.  Jolly uses his lightening whip again, killing one of the two skeletons he had damaged with his thunderous foot stomp.

All of a sudden, Blaylocke scatters a skeleton with his blade.  Riardon drops our foe, and Leiya says something sharp in her native tongue and bashes her enemy to bone splinters.  I flank the last one that was attacking Riardon but miss on my attack.  It does not miss me and I fell back in great pain.  I believe Wolf missed his attack though he had flanked his victim first.  I notice the bullet that Jolly uses does more damage than the arrows some of us tried earlier, his shot kills that skeleton which had harmed me.  I realized at that moment that I should carry a mace or hammer with me so that I can have a weapon that crushes and smashes in my arsenal.

The last skeleton between Blalocke, Leiya, and Wolf is dropped by Rodor when he ran up and slashed its spine with his short sword.  And all was silent.  I had to draw deeply upon my willpower to stave off the pain I was in until I could move about without wincing.  We took the stairs down and found a room that had stacked bones along the wall.  On shelves above those bones was a shelf full of skulls both along the north and south walls.  Webs and dust partially concealed writing on the walls, a door to the west and a hallway heading south from the end of this room were also evident.

We cleared the webs and dust and found trade language of an old old written dialect hidden under; there were extraneous ‘e’s’ attached to words and ‘y’s’ where ‘i’s’ now stand in words, yet we could still understand what was conveyed.  “A question speak you, and answer will these departed”.  We tested this of course.  Jolrael asked what was causing the unrest with the dead in these catacombs.  He received a whole lot of ‘I don’t know’s’ from the skulls lining the shelves, yet one made it clear that they could only answer questions from the time of their deaths or from times older than that, just not recent events.  We could tell they had been dead here for a couple of centuries at least.

Leiya asked about the insectoid statue we had climbed passed on those rickety stairs.  She was told that that was a statue of Jergal who had been master here before learning to serve Gurthen.  Evidently these catacombs had been dedicated to many gods and goddesses through its time.  I knew I was being self serving, but I asked after the Sainted Sword of my family, “Where can I find Makhim’s gift, the sword of the Harbhamit’s that has seven winged bulls, with full moons cradled in their horns, and moons are enscribed with the magician’s star”?

I received no answer but one skull called out to me.  “Alas you man, I know not.  I am a traveler from the far lands of our people….  Please… I am Almarihm of the Sacred Oasis… long dead and far from home.  Will you return me to my family?  Return my skull to our Homeland so that I may finally know peace?”  I could not refuse a fellow child of Hamaam the Pure.  At first Leiya and Cassyt were aghast at how I bundled up the cranium and set it within my pack, but I translated what we had said.  They now know that Al’Marihm seeks his real place of rest and Cassyt was more than reasonable with the fact that my brother from Mandagar needed to return home.

Some humor occurred next, beyond the doors that clever Riardon picked.  Inside was a 20’x30’ room.  A mummified figure in magnificent apparel sat upon a throne that was inlaid with ivory and semi precious stones.  A golden crown hovered “magically” over her head and she clutched a gold dagger in one hand and a balance in the other (these northerners see the scales as a mystical means of weighing the souls of people, rather than a merchants tool to foster trade, but who am I to judge.  I am sure the ways of Mandagar would be mind boggling to these wetland people.).  Cassyt claimed this was the body of Sedrair II, a noble who had died thinking she was a goddess.  We discover her hovering crown was suspended by a wire and not magic at all.  Equally funny was the fact that Cassyt produced keys to lock up the mummy when we left her room.  This was our test after all.

South we found another display chamber, where the dead were made to mimic life.  Instead of the scenes of everyday life, as the room above us had held, these were scenes of murder and butchery.  Three skeletal children were strangling a man in an easy chair.  A wife poured poison in (I presume) her husband’s ear.  There were too many scenes and all more macabre and bizarre than the last.  Riardon and I both had our southern sensibilities offended by these displays, our friends did not like us commenting to each other in Elven, they thought we mocked their ways.  Truth to tell our new comrades also seemed a little dismayed at these scenes to, so I should not label this as belonging to their normal custom.  Evidently these were chambers from another deities reign upon these catacombs.

Down the south hall, beyond the display room, we found an intersection heading west while a large chamber seemed to open up further south.  The west hall bent to the south west ten feet in for fifteen or so feet before twisting due west again into a chamber.  Rodor/Riardon peeked around the corner then darted back the way we came.  He yelled “Zombies and Kobolds” or something to that effect.  I saw too many similarities to this room and the room where we had our last fight with zombies; we would again have been in a position where three or four zombies could attack two of us while our comrades could not bring their archery skills to bear.  I convinced Wolf to fall back, though he did not seem to remember how badly he had been damaged during that last zombie fight.

I wanted to get back to the intersection where we could get the two to three on one odds against the undead, but that plan fell apart and Wolf and I had to clog the east west entrance to that hall.  The first zombie slouched up the hall to us and arrows and bolts thudded into the walking carcass.  I am wondering if I should record this, but Cassyt actually cast a spell upon some of us that made my spirit and confidence soar.  Wolf chopped into that injured zombie with force, enough force that it should have lost its animation, but tenaciously it refused to fall from his blow.  Dandân Va Panje was not to be denied when I swung it, I hit hard and flattened that zombie, splitting its torso crosswise from its left shoulder to its right waist.

Wolf pointed out that the dog leg in the hall would make it so that all five or six of us could attack one zombie at a time so I straddled the dead zombie and strove to kill the second zombie with Wolf and the others, but the third zombie smacked me solidly…. 

Something is happening outside.  I have to stop this account at this midpoint to find out what is happening.  I need to catch these journals up so that I am not relying so much on my old memories for these entries.  I am sure that I will have time after these training sessions to catch this journal up so that my entries are hours fresh rather than months behind the times

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  5E Books and Information.
Posted by: frenzied67 - 08-10-2020, 01:03 PM - Forum: Off-Topic - No Replies

The following URL's and site stamps are intended to help my fellow players to access the rule books and Unearthed Arcana articles for everything 5th edition.  Since the UA articles are extensive I will instead direct you to the Dungeons and Dragons wikipedia page.  At the bottom of that page is a list of 5E books, adventures, and the experimental rules that are 5E unearthed Arcana.  You should be able to find the UA articles by typing in their name based of the wiki, which is how I found it all.  I shall start with the books, then end with the wikipedia.

5eTools! This site has it all! Really everything pertaining to fifth edition can be located in this handy utility.

Player's Hand Book

Dungeon Master's Guide

Monster Manual

Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes

Volo's Guide to Monsters

Xanathar's Guide to Everything

Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide

Wraith Wright's The Comprehensive Equipment Manual
*Warning, not all of the equipment in this PDF is allowed in or on Erath.  Check with you friendly character killing DM if you have questions.

Wikipedia: List of Dungeons & Dragons Rulebooks.
*All 5E books and periodicals are at the bottom of this wiki, so scroll, scroll, scroll some more. 

UA Feats

UA Feats for Skills

UA Feats Weapon Mastery

Tasha's Cauldron of Everything- While updating these URL's, I almost forgot to include the newest addition to the gameverse!


P.S. If there are any books or Unearthed Arcana rules that you think should be included, please feel free to add to this post or inform me to look them up and edit this posting.  Is it Sunday yet?


P.S.S.  If you are a busy individual who only has so much time to spend on learning the rules, the cast and crew of Critical Role has produced snippet sized Youtube videos called Handbooker Helper.  There are 42 episodes that covers... well everything in the Player's Handbook.  This is the URL of the first Handbooker Helper, it should lead you to the others with just a little effort on your part.


This URL is the video of tactical advantages available to gamers that Irik recommended.  Enjoy!

here is a portal to a Youtube video "Fantasy Grounds Unity- Connecting To Your First Campaign. 

Here is One for the DM.  Wriathwright's 'Comprehensive Wealth Manual Revised'

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  The New Races: Tieflings and Aasimar
Posted by: Ravenblade - 07-21-2020, 10:23 PM - Forum: Erath 5e Background - No Replies

As an aside, Tieflings and Aasimar have always existed on Erath, although their nature is now apparent.

Tieflings are met with considerable prejudice and hatred, even when not warranted. Not all Tieflings were witting supporters of the puppets that the Scarred Hand placed in positions of power, nor were all aware of their infernal heritage prior to the action of the Divine Concordance. Now, Tieflings conceal their presence in the shadows of slums and remote locations as a matter of survival. Although rare, their presence was not limited to Sedaria.

By contrast, Aasimar are viewed with a wary awe due to their divine heritage. They are fewer in number than Tieflings due to the reluctance of divine beings to violate the Divine Concordance.

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